TbiLLC 2013:
Tenth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation

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Detailed Schedule for Contributed Talks


  Session Language (La1) Session Logic & Computation (Lo & Co)1

Kata Balogh

LTAG semantics for issues around focusing

Paula Henk

An Arithmetical Accessibility Relation


Ralf Naumann and Wiebke Petersen

A Formalization of Frame Theory in Dependence Logic using (explicit) Strategies

Philippe Balbiani and Levan Uridia

Completeness of Modal Logic Interpreted over Iterated Cantor Bendixon derivative operators


Matthijs Westera

Exhaustivity through the maxim of relation

Katsuhiko Sano and Minghui Ma

Altenative Semantics for Visser's Basic Propositional Logic

  Session Language (La2) Session Logic & Computation (Lo & Co)2

Liana Lortkipanidze, Marina Beridze and David Nadaraia

Dialect dictionaries and morphological annotation in the Georgian Dialect Corpus

Virginie Fiutek

DDL from the perspective of DEL


Albert Ortmann

Uniqueness and possession: Typological evidence for type shifts in nominal determination

Vladimír Svoboda

Breaking the curse of deontic logic


Paul Meurer

Morphosyntactic annotation of the Georgian National Corpus – The diacronic dimension

Dominik Klein and Eric Pacuit

Levels of Knowledge and Belief

  Session Language (La3) Session Logic & Computation (Lo & Co)3

Rusudan Asatiani

The Functional-Semantic Analysis of the Laz Verbal Vowel Prefixes

Sam van Gool and Dion Coumans

Universal models for intuitionistic logic and its fragments: a duality based approach


Camilo Thorne and Jakub Szymanik

Generalized Quantifier Distribution and Semantic Complexity

Dick de Jongh and Zhiguang Zhao

Positive Formulas, Minimal Logic and Uniform Interpolation

  Session Language (La4) Session Logic & Computation (Lo & Co)4

Gary Mar, Yuliya Manyakina and Amanda Caffary

Unless and Until: A Compositional Analysis

Emil Jeřábek

Complexity of unification and admissibility with parameters in transitive modal logics


Kerstin Schwabe

On the licensing of argument conditionals

Jeroen Goudsmit

A Syntactic Characterisation of the Gabbay–de Jongh Logics


 Isidora Stojanovic

Quantifier domain restrictions and cross-contextual assessments of truth value

Philippe Balbiani and Cigdem Gencer

 Admissibility and unifiability in contact logic

  Session Language (La5) Session Logic & Computation (Lo & Co)5

Martin Aher

Searching for solutions

Ayşe Bölük, İlayda Ateş and Çiğdem Gencer

On Models of the Modal Logic KD45-O


Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen

Suppositional inquisitive semantics

Johannes Werner and Thomas Studer

Censors for Boolean Description Logic


Martin Aher and Jeroen Groenendijk

Searching for directions

Marta Bilkova

A coalgebraic logic
for preordered coalgebras

  Session Language (La6) Session Logic & Computation (Lo & Co)6

Maria Spychalska

Pragmatic effects in processing superlative and comparative quantifiers: the role of clausal implicatures

Mikheil Rukhaia, Cvetan Dunchev, Alexander Leitsch and Daniel Weller

A Method Overcoming Induction During Cut-elimination


Maarten Janssen

Inline Contraction Decomposition. Language Independent POS Tagging in the CorpusWiki project

Stefan Hetzl, Tomer Libal, Martin Riener and Mikheil Rukhaia

Understanding Resolution Proofs through Herbrand's Theorem


Natia Dundua, Lela Samushia and Armin Hoenen

A Parallel Corpus of the Old Georgian Gospel Manuscripts and their Stemmatology

Vit Puncochar

Intensionalisation of logical operators

  Session Logic & Computation (La) Session Logic & Computation (Lo & Co)7

Hana Filip and Yulia Zinova

Predicting the Grammatical Aspect Category in Russian

Ondrej Majer

Strategic Games over Lukasiewicz Logic


Sicco Pier Van Gosliga and Frans Groen

Estimating the Impact of Variables in Bayesian Belief Networks



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