COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice


Who can apply?

You should be a researcher affiliated with an institution in one of the COST countries participating in Action IC1205 and you should be engaged in research that is relevant to computational social choice.

  • Exception: Researchers affiliated with either the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow or the Institute for Information Recording in Kiev may also apply (because both are formally approved partner institutions in so-called near-neighbour countries).

Where can you visit?

You can visit either a host institution in one of the COST countries participating in Action IC1205 (other than your own) or one of the formally approved institutions in non-COST countries.

  • Exception: Researchers from the above-mentioned institutions in Russia and the Ukraine may only visit host institutions in one of the participating COST countries.

What can you apply for?

Every STSM has to last at least one week (five full working days). Long trips by early-stage researcher are particularly encouraged. Short trips to far-away places (incurring high travel expenses) are discouraged. STSM's do not always cover all the costs: applications for trips partly funded from other sources are particularly welcome and will receive favourable consideration from the STSM Committee. Every applicant should try to secure matching funds from such alternative sources. The typical subsistence rate that you may apply for is 60-90€ per day, with 90€ being the absolute maximum, and should be approrpiate in view of typical accommodation costs in the region of the host institution (that is, STSM's are not subject to the much more generous rules for reimbursement for Management Committee meetings). Applicants should carefully check travel costs before applying. The amount your request for travel should be the amount you actually expect to spend (or less, in case you have additional funding from elsewhere), i.e., the intention is not to simply specify a generous upper bound. The maximum grant for a single STSM is 2,500€. We expect that most applications will be for a budget in the order of 1,000€.

STSM's can only be used to fund research visits. In particular, the following activities cannot be funded under this scheme:

  • conference trips;
  • participation in activities organised by COST Action IC1205, including summer schools.

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