COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice

Application Procedure

Before applying, please make sure you have read the information on eligibility (which includes information on the maximal amounts you can apply for) as well as the reporting requirements. To apply, please follow the steps outlined below. Where these instructions differ from instructions you see elsewhere (e.g., in generic emails received from the e-COST system), always follow the instructions shown here.

  1. Discuss your intentions with your host and agree on a research plan and precise dates for your visit. Prepare a summary of your research plan of at most 250 words; this should clearly state what you intend to do and how this will contribute to the scientific objectives of the Action (which are to advance research in computational social choice). Find out whether there are other sources to fund part of your trip.
  2. Before the deadline, complete the application form at If you have never participated in any COST activity before, you will first have to open an e-COST account and complete your personal profile (including, e.g., your bank details). Make sure you select the correct Action number (IC1205 - Computational Social Choice). Enter all the information requested. Under "key academic details", please enter your date of birth; your current position (e.g., PhD student, professor, etc.); your institution and department; the date and awarding institution of your PhD (or of your Master's degree in case you do not hold a PhD); and (in case you are a PhD student) the name of your supervisor. Please also use this field to enter one sentence about other sources of funding you have explored (i.e., either that you failed to obtain outside funding, or how much you have been able to secure and where from). Under "work plan summary", please enter your research plan. This plan should give a clear idea of what you intend to work on during your trip, why your chosen host is an appropriate choice, and how your planned work is related to computational social choice. Make sure you have read the information on the amounts of funding you can request before completing the form (see Eligibility).
  3. You will receive an automatically generated email with a PDF summarising your application. Please send this PDF (without changing the name of the file, i.e., it should be something like STSM Request xxxxx for Action IC1205.pdf) to the STSM Chair Britta Dorn at britta.dorn(at) and cc your email to both cost.ic1205(at) and your host. The subject of this email should be "STSM Application", followed by your name and the name of the host institution. We must receive this email before the deadline. Only applications sent to all three recipients specified here will get processed. If you feel that your application requires additional explanation, please provide it in the body of your email, but do not send us any additional documents (such as a CV), unless we specifically ask for them (that is, please ignore the additional instructions included with the automatically generated email you will have received from e-COST).
  4. Ensure that your host sends an email to Britta Dorn (again, with cc to cost.ic1205(at) in which they confirm that you have been invited to visit their institution and that you will receive appropriate support while there (the most convenient is a reply-all to the previous email). We must receive this email before the deadline.

We try to make funding decisions within three weeks after the deadline. Your travel grant is official only once you have downloaded the so-called Grant Letter. At that time you will also receive information on how to claim your expenses.

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