COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice

Grenoble 2015

The Action organised a Summer School on Fair Division at Maison Jean Kuntzmann in Grenoble on 13-17 July 2015.

The organisers were Sylvain Bouveret and Nicolas Maudet. Tutorials were delivered by Ioannis Caragiannis (Patras), Ulle Endriss (Amsterdam), Gianluigi Greco (Calabria), Dorothea Herreiner (Los Angeles), Christian Klamler (Graz), and Jérôme Lang (Paris). In addition, during a session devoted to real-world applications of fair division technologies, case studies on the allocation of public funds for research, sharing of resources provided by earth observation satellites, and the joint use of high-perfomance computing platforms were presented by Gianluigi Greco (Calabria), Michel Lemaître (Toulouse), and Denis Trystram (Grenoble). The school was attended by 39 trainees, 13 of which contributed to the poster session.

Further information is available from the Grenoble 2015 website.


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