COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice


The work of COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice is coordinated by its Management Committee (MC), consisting of representatives of the 32 European countries that have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on which the Action is based. At its inaugural meeting on 30 November 2012 in Brussels the MC elected the following officials:

  • Action Chair: Ulle Endriss (ILLC, University of Amsterdam)
  • Action Vice Chair: Bettina Klaus (University of Lausanne)
  • STSM Committee Chair: Britta Dorn (University of Tübingen)
  • WG1 (Voting) Chair: Annick Laruelle (Ikerbasque & University of the Basque Country)
  • WG2 (Fair Division) Chair: Nicolas Maudet (LIP6, Univ. Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris)
  • WG3 (Information Merging) Chair: Jérôme Lang (LAMSADE, Univ. Paris-Dauphine)
  • WG4 (Matching) Chair: Péter Biró (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

These seven officials together form the Action's Steering Committee. The work of the MC is supported by Ralph Stübner (Science Officer) and Rose Cruz Santos (Administrative Officer) at the COST Association in Brussels.

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