The deadline for grant applications has passed. Grant applicants have been notified about the height of their grant.

Reimbursement procedure TACL grantholder

In order to reimburse a grant holder we need a proof expense. This can be any receipt matching the amount that was granted, typically this is a plain ticket or hotel invoice. Please note that we need originals to process your request (e-tickets are fine). This means that we will keep these originals for our administration.

Conference participants who have been awarded a *TACL* grant will be reimbursed in either of the following two ways:
  1. PREFERRED. Reimbursement in cash, on site. Participants who would like to be reimbursed in cash need to report in person to room P015A (registration area) *on the first day of the conference* outside registration hours.
  2. Reimbursement by bank transfer, after the conference. Participants who cannot produce original receipts on the first day of the conference can be reimbursed by bank transfer after the conference. The procedure is that grantees fill in a reimbursement form, and return this to us along with original receipts matching the amount that was granted (again, e-tickets are fine). In case you need to follow this procedure please *notify us immediately* by mailing to P.vanOrmondt[AT]