Contributed Talks

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Hajnal Andreka and Szabolcs Mikulas. The equational theory of representable ordered monoids - presentation
Benno van den Berg. Homotopy-theoretic models of type theory - presentation
Nick Bezhanishvili and Guram Bezhanishvili. An algebraic approach to canonical formulas: Intuitionistic case - presentation
Guram Bezhanishvili and M. Andrew Moshier. Proximity-based Dualities for Compact Hausdorff Spaces - presentation
Marta Bilkova, Alessandra Palmigiano and Yde Venema. Gentzen systems for coalgebraic cover modalities - presentation
Felix Bou. The modal logic given by the class of idempotent Kripke frames over a BL chain - presentation
Simone Bova. Combinatorics of Interpolation in Godel Logic - presentation
Tomasz Brengos and Vera Trnkova. On coalgebraic class equation HS=SH and  non-empty preimage preservation - presentation
Wojciech Buszkowski and Lin Zhe. Letter Promotion Problem in Pregroups - presentation
Leonardo Manuel Cabrer. Two Applications of Natural Duality for Kleene Algebras - presentation
Sergio Arturo Celani and Leonardo Manuel Cabrer. Hilbert Implications over Bounded Distributive Lattices - presentation
Ivan Chajda and Radomir Halas. Functional completeness of weak logics with the strict negation - presentation
Petr Cintula and Carles Noguera. First-order (semilinear) implicational logics - presentation
Corina Cirstea, Clemens Kupke and Dirk Pattinson. Complexity of the Coalgebraic mu-calculus - presentation
Janis Cirulis. Implications in sectionally galois-complemented posets - presentation
Alex Citkin. On Meta-Logic of Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus - presentation
Lavinia Ciungu and Anatolij Dvurecenskij. Measures, states and de Finetti maps on pseudo-BCK algebras - presentation
Pietro Codara and Vincenzo Marra. Profinite Heyting algebras, and partitions of image-finite posets under open maps - presentation
Willem Conradie and Alessandra Palmigiano. Expanding Sahlqvist correspondence for lattice-based logics: the inductive fragment - presentation
Janusz M. Czelakowski. Zermelo and fixed-point theorems - presentation
Mustafa Demirci. An introduction to $\left(\mathcal{Z}_{1},\mathcal{Z}_{2}\right) $-complete posets - presentation
Jules Desharnais, Peter Jipsen and Georg Struth. Internal Axioms for Domain Semirings - presentation
Anatolij Dvurecenskij. Pseudo BL-algebras and Their Decompositions - presentation
Wojciech Dzik. Unification and slices in intermediate and in some modal logics. - presentation
Marcel Erné. Quasicoherent domains and hyperspectral spaces: a missing link in Stone-Priestley duality - presentation
Leo Esakia and Benedikt Löwe. Fatal Heyting Algebras and Forcing Persistent Sentences - presentation
David Fernández. Dynamic Topological Logic of Minimal and Compact Spaces - presentation
Roman Fric. Simplex-valued domains - presentation
Nikolaos Galatos and Peter Jipsen. Cut-elimination for distributive substructural logics - presentation
Angel J. Gil. On Gentzen systems associated with finite valued logics preserving degrees of truth. - presentation
Robert Goldblatt. Cover Semantics for Quantified Lax Logic - presentation
Sam van Gool. Canonical extensions of partially ordered sets: reconstructing the lost adjunction - presentation
Revaz Grigolia, Antonio Di Nola and Luca Spada. Lukasiewicz logic has finitary unification type - presentation
Rafal Gruszczynski and Andrzej Pietruszczak. On Grzegorczyk's pointless topology. Atomic structures - presentation
Radomir Halaš and Michal Botur. On copulas, non-associative basic algebras and non-associative BL-logic - presentation
John Harding, Carol Walker and Elbert Walker. Varieties Generated by Truth Value Algebras of Type-2 Fuzzy Sets - presentation
Chris Heunen and Bart Jacobs. Quantum logic in dagger categories with kernels - presentation
Robin Hirsch and Marcel Jackson. Undecidability of various problems of representing binary relations - presentation
Rostislav Horcik. Positive Fragment of MTL with One Variable and Its Computational Complexity - presentation
Afrodita Iorgulescu. The implicative-group, a term equivalent definition of the group coming from algebras of logic - presentation
Sándor Jenei. Structural description of a class of involutive uninorm chains via geometric insight into residuated structures - presentation
Peter Jipsen and M. Andrew Moshier. Topological Duality and Lattice Expansions Part I: A Topological Construction of Canonical Extensions - presentation
Peter Jipsen and M. Andrew Moshier. Topological Duality and Lattice Expansions Part II: Lattice Expansions with Quasioperators - presentation
Kensuke Kojima. Birelational Kripke semantics for an intuitionistic LTL - presentation
Roman Kontchakov, Ian Pratt-Hartmann and Michael Zakharyaschev. Topological logics over Euclidean spaces - presentation
Zofia Kostrzycka. On Kripke incomplete logics containing KTB - presentation
David Kruml. Skew order: A new look on orthomodular lattices - presentation
Jan Kühr. Prime compatible and compatible prime deductive systems of pseudo-BCK-algebras - presentation
Raul Leal Rodriguez. Equational coalgebriac logic - LealKurzWeM.pdf
Ioana Leustean and Vincenzo Marra. The Kakutani duality for MV-algebras - presentation
Ramaz Liparteliani. Projective closure MVm-algebras - presentation
Tadeusz Litak, Jan Hidders and Szabolcs Mikulas. Relational Lattices: An Introduction
Enrico Marchioni. A Model-Theoretic Analysis of Classes of MV Algebras - presentation
Yutaka Miyazaki. Modal Logics containing KTB of finite diameter frames - presentation
Franco Montagna and Carles Noguera. Arithmetical hierarchy of fuzzy logics over rational and finite-chain semantics - presentation
Alexei Muravitsky. On modal components of the normal extensions of S4
Loes Olde Loohuis and Yde Venema. Algebras for multi-player logic - presentation
Alessandra Palmigiano. Stably supported quantales as models for ?rst-order intuitionistic modal logics - presentation
Daniela Petrisan and Alexander Kurz. Towards Universal Algebra over Nominal Sets - presentation
Daniela Petrisan and M. Andrew Moshier. A Duality Theorem for Real Commutative C* algebras - presentation
Adrian Pigors. Categories of Generalized Frames - presentation
Antonio Pulgarin and Miroslav Husek. Lattice-ordered groups of real continuous functions - presentation
Jirí Rachunek. Monadic pseudo-BL-algebras - presentation
James Raftery. ORDER ALGEBRAIZABLE LOGICS- presentation
Anna Romanowska, Jonathan D. H. Smith and Ewa Orlowska. Abstract barycentric algebras - presentation
Dana Salounova. State operators on GMV-algebras - presentation
Luigi Santocanale. A duality for finite lattices - presentation
Ilya Shapirovsky. Modal logics of ordered sums of frames - presentation
Samuel G. da Silva. A topological statement related to the Principle of Dependent Choices - presentation
Dmitrij Skvortsov. On an axiomatization of superintuitionistic predicate logic of  Kripke frames with nested domains over the set of reals
Katarzyna Slomczynska. Free algebras for the $\{\leftrightarrow,\lnot\}$ fragment of $\mathbf{IPC}$ and $\mathbf{KC}$ - presentation
Sergejs Solovjovs. On a coalgebraic category of variety-based topological systems - presentation
Luca Spada. Small advances in the algebraic proof theory of substructural logics - presentation
Bas Spitters. A topos for algebraic quantum theory - presentation
Petrucio Viana and Renata de Freitas. Q-algebras and graph calculi
Jacob Vosmaer. Broadening the topological perspective on canonical extension - presentation