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Logic in Action: Our People

Marco Aiello
(Ph.D. student, spatial reasoning, vision, image processing and internet technology)
Carlos Areces
(postdoc, theory and applications of restricted description languages)
Krzysztof Apt
(professor, logic programming, constraints, program verification)
Alexandru Baltag
(postdoc, co-algebra and modal logics)
Johan van Benthem
(project leader)
Alexander Bergo
(MSc student, use of NLP tools in traditional IR tasks)
Annette Bleeker
(Ph.D. student, encrypted message passing)
Boudewijn de Bruin
(Ph.D. student, game theory)
Caterina Caracciolo
(Ph.D. student, game theory)
Paul Dekker
(project leader `Logic in Communications')
Jan van Eijck
(project leader `Dissemination of Logic')
Rosella Gennari
(Ph.D. student, constraints and computing with modal logic)
Juan Heguiabehere
(Ph.D. student, computing with dynamic semantics)
Lex Hendriks
(post-doc, computational logic)
Willem-Jan van Hoeve
(Ph.D. student, constraint and integer programming)
Gertjan van der Hoeven
Gwen Kerdiles
(Ph.D. student, conceptual graphs)
Ingrid van Loon
(project administrator)
Christof Monz
(Ph.D. student, information retrieval and extraction)
Breanndán Ó Nualláin
(Ph.D. student, phase transition phenomena)
Marc Pauly
(Ph.D. student, dynamic logic hypertextbook)
Jon Ragetli
(Ph.D. student, structuring electronic information)
Maarten de Rijke
(project leader `Computational Logic')
Yde Venema
(project leader `Logic in Communication')
Marco Vervoort

Former Associates

Jelle Gerbrandy
(post-doc, epistemic dynamic logic)
Jan Jaspars
(free-lance logician, applications of modal logic)
Maarten Marx
(post-doc, modal logic)
Hans de Nivelle
(post-doc, theorem proving)