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About the Spinoza Project "Logic in Action"

Logic in Action is an initiative of Johan van Benthem and his research group members made possible by the Spinoza Award. Its general aims are the exact study of information flow and the promotion of logic as an interdisciplinary focus for the information sciences

As information technology is transforming our society, fundamental questions concerning the structure and dynamics of information and cognition are also transforming academic research and education. This trend affects various disciplines ranging from linguistics and philosophy to mathematics, and from computer science to psychology and the social sciences. The ensuing interactions generate a remarkable convergence of techniques and ideas. We actually observe a new natural grouping of research efforts into what may be called the information sciences.

The aim of the Logic in Action project here is to act as a catalyst and to found, further and extend the role and scope of logic as a core discipline in information scientific research and education. Logic can be assigned such a key role, as it figures as a calculus for the information sciences. In this section we describe the Logic in Action project, both against the background of logic as a canonical academical discipline, and with an outlook upon logic as an active branch in the evolving information society.

For information about the activities 1997-2001, please download the respective annual reports or the 2001 final report:

Printed and bound copies of the annual reports can be ordered from the ILLC Buro.