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Logic Actions in Europe

In Europe the main institutional environment for the Logic in Action project is the European Association for Logic, Language and Information ( FoLLI). FoLLI was founded in 1991 to advance research and education on the interfaces between logic, linguistics, computer science and cognitive science and related disciplines in Europe. FoLLI gathered several enterprises under its aegis, including the Amsterdam Colloquia in Formal Semantics, the London-based Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logic (IGPL), and the European Summer Schools in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI).

Logic in Action played a supporting role at all levels of the last three Summer Schools in Saarbrücken (1998), Utrecht (1999) and Birmingham (2000). Students can apply for a grant to participate, Logic in Action sponsors the annual Spinoza Lecture (see page 32), and moreover, project leaders are involved in lecturing and organization. Logic in Action also provides all OZSL Ph.D. students free membership of FoLLI, including subscription to the Journal of Logic, Language and Information.

The project participants furthermore collaborate actively with several research groups in Europe. We have indicated what our main contacts have been on the map of Europe below. Special mention deserve the groups in London, Manchester and Saarbr├╝cken, with whom there has been intensive collaborative research on modal and algebraic logic. Among other things this has lead to a text-book on Modal Logic with two of the project leaders as co-author.