TbiLLC 2017: Twelfth International Tbilisi Symposium
on Language, Logic and Computation


TbiLLC2017 Accepted Papers

Below is a list of all accepted papers. Download the booklet of abstracts here. The programme can be found here.


  • Nino Amiridze, Rusudan Asatiani and Zurab Baratashvili. Loan verb typology and Georgian-English language contact [PDF]
  • Curt Anderson and Sebastian Löbner. Roles and the lexical semantics of role-denoting relational adjectives [PDF]
  • Philippe Balbiani and Mikhail Rybakov. An axiomatization of iteration-free PDL with loop [PDF]
  • Philippe Balbiani and Jie Fan. About Euclidean strong non-contingency [PDF]
  • Nick Bezhanishvili, Almudena Colacito and Dick de Jongh. A lattice of subminimal logics of negation [PDF]
  • M. Inés  Corbalán. Binding Domains for Anaphors [PDF]
  • Dick de Jongh and Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval. Finite Identification with positive and with complete data [PDF]
  • Dick de Jongh and Fateme Shirmohammadzadeh Maleki. Two Neighborhood Semantics for Subintuitionistic Logics [PDF]
  • Kurt Erbach, Hana Filip and Peter Sutton. Hungarian measure phrases, bare singular nouns, and mass/count distinction [PDF]
  • Katherine Fraser. Exploring the multi-dimensional meaning of extra arguments in English [PDF]
  • David Gabelaia, Kristina Gogoladze, Mamuka Jibladze, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Levan Uridia. Axiomatization of the d-logic of Planar Polygons [PDF]
  • Thomas Gamerschlag, Jens Fleischhauer and Wiebke Petersen. Why event structure templates are not enough – A frame account of bleeding and droning [PDF]
  • Kristina Gogoladze and Alexandru Baltag. Evidence-Based Belief Revision for Non-Omniscient Agents [PDF]
  • Yael  Greenberg and Lavi Wolf. Assertions as degree relations [PDF]
  • Gianluca Grilletti and Ivano Ciardelli. An Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé Game for Inquisitive First-Order Logic [PDF]
  • Justyna Grudzinska and Marek Zawadowski. Inverse Linking without LF-Movement: A Dependent Type Account [PDF]
  • Tobias Heindel. The Chomsky-Schützenberger Theorem for PROPs of acyclic circuits up to 4D isotopy [PDF]
  • Nino Javashvili. Derivation Models According to Otar Tchiladze Text Corpus [PDF]
  • Lia  Kurtanidze and Mikheil Rukhaia. Tableaux Calculus for Unranked Logics [PDF]
  • Stepan Kuznetsov, Valentina Lugovaya and Anastasiia Ryzhova. Recursive enumerability doesn't always give a decidable axiomatization [PDF]
  • Evgeny  Kuznetsov. Properties of Local Homeomorphisms of Logical Spaces [PDF]
  • Carol-Rose Little. Cardinal/ordinal meaning ambiguities in possessed numeral constructions in Ch'ol [PDF]
  • Irina Lobzhanidze. Computational Model of Modern Georgian Language and Searching Patterns for On-line Dictionary of Idioms [PDF]
  • Sebastian Loebner. Cascades of action levels and the decomposition of action verb meanings [PDF]
  • Ondrej  Majer. Belief Aggregation for Non-standard Reasoners [PDF]
  • Gary  Mar. A Brief History of the Logic of Time [PDF]
  • Ralf Naumann and Thomas Gamerschlag. Serial verb constructions and covert coordinations in Edo - An analysis in a dynamic frame theory [PDF]
  • Ralf Naumann and Wiebke Petersen. Bridging inferences in a dynamic, probabilistic frame theory [PDF]
  • Olga Nevzorova and Vladimir Nevzorov. Ontology-Driven Computational Processing for Unstructured Text [PDF]
  • Sumiyo Nishiguchi. Liberalism and Bouletic/Deontic Modality [PDF]
  • Konstantine Razmadze. Bi-modal Logics of Mappings [PDF]
  • Andres Soria Ruiz. Comparative Evaluative Judgments [PDF]
  • Kerstin Schwabe. The uniform representation of German embedded polar interrogatives, a typology of their embedding predicates and adaptors [PDF]
  • Giuli Shabashvili. Syntactic Realization of Present Perfect Forms in Georgian [PDF]
  • Peter Sutton. Vagueness as a product of an effective learning strategy [PDF]
  • Carla Umbach and Stefan Hinterwimmer. German 'wie'-complements: manners, methods and events in progress [PDF]
  • Diego Valota. Computing Spectra of Finite Goedel Algebras through Finite Forests [PDF]
  • Henk  Zeevat. From Experience to Meaning through Semantic Memory [PDF]
  • Dan Zeman. Some Solutions to the Perspectival Plurality Problem for Relativism [PDF]
  • Yulia Zinova. Explaining meaning: The interplay of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics [PDF]