TbiLLC 2017: Twelfth International Tbilisi Symposium
on Language, Logic and Computation


Conference Venue

The conference will be held at Lagodekhi in the Kakheti region in Georgia. The symposium will be held at the GFF hotel in Lagodekhi. The address of the hotel is: Georgia, Lagodekhi, Tavisufleba Street N91.

Lagodekhi is a cute little town in the eastern part of Georgia, in the region Kakheti famous for its wine. The town is also an entry place for Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, one of the most well-preserved natural habitats in Georgia, with hiking trails to forests, waterfalls and alpine lakes.


The hotel belongs to Georgian Football Federation, it has 60 rooms to accommodate the participants. All rooms are twin rooms, but they allow for single or double occupancy. The pricing is as follows:

  • Single occupancy - 100 GEL  (38 Euros)
  • Double occupancy - 80 GEL (a bit over 30 Euros) per person

Price includes three meals a day. Book this accommodation here, unless you have not registered yet for the conference, in which please fill out this form first.

There are numerous guesthouses around the venue, as well as another hotel (Wald hotel Lagodekhi). These can be looked at and booked through, for example, booking.com or other similar sites.

Getting to the conference venue and back to Tbilisi

The Lagodekhi bus departure LOCATION has changed, due to a election political meeting at Rose Revolution Square scheduled apparently on Sunday 16:00, which makes bus departing from there impossible.

The bus will leave from Iv. Javakhishvili State University, here is a map of the new location.

We will gather from Varaziskhevi st. side, near the stairs leading up to the university garden. The time is unchanged - 16:00 on Sunday, 17 September.                                                          
Lagodekhi can also be reached by public transportation (so-called marshrutkas) or taxis leaving from nearby the Isani Metro Station in Tbilisi. The price is around 10 Georgian Lari per person (taxis usually wait for 4 passengers to fill up).

Please check this website to see whether you need a VISA to enter the country.