Amsterdam Colloquium 2013


Scaling up: Quantitative data in formal semantics and pragmatics

Invited Speakers: 

Organizer: Michael Franke


Recent years have seen increasing efforts in bringing empirical data from either psycholinguistic experiments or corpus-based investigations to bear on formal semantic and pragmatic theories. This laudable empirical reorientation also brings into focus the quantitative dimension frequently inherent in empirical data sets. In turn, this calls for theories and models that are sensitive to or even predict quantitative data. This workshop is dedicated to novel research in formal semantics and pragmatics that takes quantitative empirical data seriously. We invite presentations of empirical studies whose quantitative results have a clear bearing on formal theories, as well as formal models that yield quantitative predictions.



More on Modals. New Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives

Invited speakers: 

Organizers: Ben Rodenhäuser, Frank Veltman, Hedde Zeijlstra 


This workshop aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas between linguists, logicians and philosophers of language working on the semantics of modal expressions and its interfaces with syntax and pragmatics. We invite presentations on any topic falling under this heading, 

  • whether it concerns alethic, deontic, epistemic and/or any other kind of modality, 
  • whether it is about polarity phenomena, or logical properties, or the interaction of modal and temporal expressions, or the performative versus descriptive use of modal expressions, or etc. etc.,
  • whether it makes crosslinguistic comparisons, or sticks to one language (even one formal language),
  • and whether it  is developed in a static, a dynamic or an inquisitive framework, or maybe proposes a new  framework.