Amsterdam Colloquium 2013

Special Session

Session on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue

Invited speaker: Matthew Stone (Rutgers University) 

Organizer: Raquel Fernandez and Maria Aloni


This year, the SemDial Workshop and the Amsterdam Colloquium will be collocated in Amsterdam in December 2013. DialDam will take place on 16-18 December and the AC on 18-20 December. On Wednesday 18, the two events will take place in parallel at the same location to encourage interaction between the two communities.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 18, we organize a joint session on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue. The aim is to bring together researchers working on any topics related to dialogue research, including but not limited to:

  • the dynamics of agents' information states in dialogue
  • common ground/mutual belief
  • goals, intentions and commitments in communication
  • turn-taking and interaction control
  • semantic/pragmatic interpretation in dialogue
  • dialogue and discourse structure
  • categorisation of dialogue phenomena in corpora
  • child-adult interaction
  • language learning through dialogue
  • gesture, gaze, and intonational meaning in communication
  • multimodal dialogue
  • interpretation and reasoning in spoken dialogue systems
  • dialogue management
  • designing and evaluating dialogue systems

To present at this session, please follow the submission intructions of DialDam. Note that there is no special call for this session: all submissions to DialDam will be treated equally. The DialDam chairs together with Maria Aloni will decide which papers (amongst those accepted by the DialDam programme committee) will be presented in this session, based on affinity with the scope of the Amsterdam Colloquium. More information on the collocation of the Amsterdam Colloquium and DialDam can be found here