Amsterdam Colloquium 2013


The programme of the 2013 Amsterdam Colloquium is available for download as a PDF. Below is the list of accepted abstracts.

General programme

Tim Fernando: Dowty's aspect hypothesis segmented

Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Paula Menendez-Benito: Epistemic Indefinites and Evidential Constraints: Spanish "AlgĂșn"

Bernhard Schwarz: "At least" and quantity implicature: choices and consequences

Alexandra Simonenko: Semantics of the DP wh-island

Hedde Zeijlstra: Universal Quantifier PPIs

Anastasia Giannakidou and Alda Mari: The ingredients of prediction: epistemic and metaphysical dimensions

Lucas Champollion: Man and woman: the last obstacle for boolean coordination

Makoto Kanazawa: Monadic Quantifiers Recognized by Deterministic Pushdown Automata

Hadas Kotek and Martin Hackl: An experimental investigation of interrogative syntax/semantics

Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin: Most: the View from Mass Quantification

Mengxi Yuan and  Yurie Hara: Questioning and Asserting at the same time: the L%- tone in A-not-A questions

Jakub Szymanik and Marcin Zajenkowski: Monotonicity has only a relative effect on the complexity of quantifier verification

Andreas Haida and Sophie Repp: Intervention effects: focus alternatives or indefinite alternatives? Experimental evidence

Harris Constantinou: On the meaning of Intensifiers

Susan Rothstein: A Fregean semantics for number words

Ralf Naumann and Wiebke Petersen: An Analysis of Quantifier Scope Restrictions in Dependence Logic

Daniel Altshuler and Roger Schwarzschild: Correlating cessation with double access

Barbara Tomaszewicz: Focus association in superlatives and the semantics of -est

Lisa Bylinina and Yuri Lander: 'Than' = 'More' + Exhaustivity: Evidence from Circassian

Dylan Bumford: Universal quantification as iterated dynamic conjunction

Alternates general programme

Galit W. Sassoon: The type of adjectives

Hanna De Vries: Distributivity and agreement: new evidence for groups as sets


Workshop "More on Modals"

Malte Willer: Indicative Scorekeeping

Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten: Subsentential modal modification as reduced Transparent Free Relatives

Fabienne Martin: Tense and aspect in swing conditionals

Satoru Suzuki: Epistemic Modals, Qualitative Probability, and Nonstandard Probability


Alternate Workshop "More on Modals"

Igor Yanovich: Deontic scope restrictions beyond polarity


Workshop "Quantitative Methods in Formal Semantics and Pragmatics" 

Torgrim Solstad and Oliver Bott: Towards a formal theory of explanatory biases in discourse

Claudia Poschmann: Does position really matter? Testing plural anaphora by non-restrictive relative clauses with quantified heads

Scott Grimm and Louise McNally: No ordered arguments needed for nouns  


Alternate Workshop "Quantitative Methods in Semantics and Pragmatics"

Oliver Bott, Udo Klein and Fabian Schlotterbeck: Witness sets, polarity reversal and the processing of multiply quantified sentences

Joint SEMDIAL/AC session

Robin Cooper: Update conditions and intensionality in a type-theoretic approach to dialogue semantics

Daniel Goodhue, James Pickett and Michael Wagner: English reverse prosody in responses to yes-no questions

Matthijs Westera: 'Attention, I'm violating a maxim!' A unifying account of the final rise