Tbilisi 2007: Seventh International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation

Tbilisi 2007: Titles and Abstracts
1 Towards a Logical Account of Binding Theory. Houda Anoun & Alain Lecomte
2 Relative Strength of Strategy Elimination Procedures. Krzysztof R.Apt
3 Dynamic Conceptual Model of the Linguistic Structuring of Space: The Georgian Preverbs. Rusudan Asatiani
4 Scalar Implicatures and Implicatures of Irrelevant Answers. Anton Benz
5 Extendable formulas in two variables in intuitionistic logic. Nick Bezhanishvili & Dick de Jongh
6 Formal Syntax and Semantics Meets Experimental Results. Peter Bosch
7 Exceptional Wide Scope as Anaphora to Quantificational Dependencies. Adrian Brasoveanu & Donka F. Farkas
8 Syntactic and Semantic Structure of Georgian Sentence. Nani Chanishvili
9 Three Aspects of Language Modelling. G. Chikoidze, E. Dokvadze, N. Javashvili & L. Lortkipanidze
10 On -c and ki particles in Georgian. Anna Chutkerashvili
11 Scope Islands and How to Escape. Paul Dekker
12 Computational Epistemology for Quantifiers. Nina Gierasimczuk
13 Inquisitive Semantics. Jeroen Groenendijk
14 The modal formula ** is not first-order definable. A.B. Karatay
15 Local Elignment Kernels for Relation Extraction. Sophia Katrenko & Pieter Adriaans
16 Some Preliminaries for the Study of Covert Categories with Special Reference to Gender. Zaal Kikvidze & Irine Chachanidze
17 Modeling of Derivation in the Multilingual expert system. N. Amirezashvili, L. Lortkipanidze, L. Samsonadze
18 A Computational Grammar for Georgian. Paul Meurer
19 Grammar and Incremental Processing of Dutch Word Order. Glyn Morrill, Oriol Valentin & Mario Fadda
20 Quantifiers in Japanese. Surniyo Nishiguchi
21 Three kinds of event nominal negation in Russian. Anna Pazelskaya
22 Temporal Reasoning about Messages. R. Ramanujam
23 Conceptualization of Pain: A Database for Lexycal Typology. A. Bonch-Osmolovskaia, E. Rakhilina & T Reznikova
24 Qonditions on Q-Embedding Predicates in German. Kerstin Schwabe & Robert Fittler
25 Dealing with Polysemy in Russian National Corpus: the case of adjectives. Rakhilina E.V., Reznikova T.I. & hemanaeva O.Yo.
26 On the General Character of Substitution Cohesion, and its Nature in Georgian. N. Shengelaia
27 Forcing in Lukasiewicz Logic. Luca Spada, Antonio Di Nola and George Georgescu
28 Computational Complexity of the Reciprocal Lifts and Strong Meaning Hypothesis. Jacub Szymanik
29 Constructing Winning Strategies in Infinite Games. Wolfgang Thomas
30 A Logic for Assertion Networks. Sujata Ghosh, Erik Scorelle & Fernando R. Velazquez-Quesada
31 Satisfaction and Friendliness Relations Within Classical Logic: Proof Theoretic Approach. Alexey Muravitsky
32 Kripke Coalgebras Over SET^2 Levan Uridia
33 The Imperative Mood in Update Semantics. Frank Veltman
34 Pair Preserving Functors. Clemens Kupke
35 TBA Mattias Baaz
36 Infinite Games Benedikt Löwe