Honours Programma Bachelor AI

The Honours Programme of the Bachelor's in Artificial Intelligence is an excellence programme intended for highly talented and motivated students who want to go a bit further with their studies. Those who join the Programme have the opportunity to widen their training by following interdisciplinary courses outside the field of AI and to go deeper into their own discipline by participating in AI projects that go beyond the standard Bachelor's curriculum.

The Honours Programme involves taking a minimum of 30 EC extra over the 3-year Bachelor's period. These 30 EC are achieved by taking two extra courses (12 EC) in semesters 2 and 4, participating in two research projects (12 EC) in semesters 3 and 5, and extending the Bachelor's thesis project (by 6 EC) in semester 6. Those students who follow the programme and complete all courses and projects (both regular and honours) in three years with an average grade of at least 7, receive an Honours diploma together with their Bachelor's diploma.


For information on interdisciplinary honours courses, consult the website of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Research Projects

Honours research projects offer you the opportunity to get involved in current AI-related research being carried out at the faculty of science. Honours students work in small groups and are supervised by expert researchers. New project topics are proposed every year. They are made available at the end of August. Scroll down to browse through the list of AI honours projects underway or completed in previous years.

Honours Projects 2013-14

These Honours projects were completed in January 2014:

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