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Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
August 4-15, 2008




Booking of student accommodation is closed! You can find points to search for your own accommodation at our hotel page.

The ESSLLI Organizers take care of the accommodation for lecturers and workshop organizers (if you are one of those, you have been in contact with us about this) and have booked a large number of student accommodation.

Student Accommodation. The following table has all accommodation information at a glance. More detailed information can be found in the text below. Please also use the scrollable and zoomable map at the bottom of this page. Each type of accommodation has different advantages and disadvantages: for instance, the student dorms are relatively far away from the ESSLLI site, but offer more privacy by being single occupancy; the youth hostels offer free breakfast and one additional meal (either dinner or a packed lunch). Note that student accommodation cannot be booked anymore!

All bookings are from Sunday, 3 August 2008 to Saturday, 16 August 2008 (except for the student dorms which are booked for the entire calendar month of August). If you plan to come earlier or leave later, you will have to make your bookings for the extra nights separately.

Occupancy Price Distance Meals
Student Dorm Accommodation
Advantages. Single occupancy; additional facilities, price for the entire month.
Disadvantages. Relatively far away from ESSLLI site.
Paul-Sudeck-Haus single € 326-378 27 min NONE
Wohnhaus Rahlstedt single € 326-378 47 min NONE
Youth Hostel Accommodation
Advantages. Two meals included in price.
Disadvantages. Multiple occupancy; bunk beds.
Youth Hostel Stintfang 4 beds per room € 385.50-426 19 min Breakfast plus one extra meal
Youth Hostel Horner Rennbahn 2-6 beds per room € 319.15-385.15 37 min Breakfast plus one extra meal
Private Hostel Accommodation
Advantages. Relatively close to ESSLLI site.
Disadvantages. Multiple occupancy, bunk beds.
Hostel A&O City 1-4 beds per room € 323-646 22 min Breakfast
Hotel Schanzenstern 2-5 beds per room € 247-344.50 walking NONE

We are offering three types of student accommodation:

  1. Accommodation in student dorms. The rooms in student dorms are all a bit further away from the conference site. There are 20 dorm rooms (all booked) in the Paul-Sudeck Haus (Barmbeker Straße 64; 27 minutes by public transportation) and 30 dorm rooms in the Wohnhaus Rahlstedt (Sieker Landstraße 37; 47 minutes by public transportation; you may have to scroll to the east on the map). All dorm rooms are single occupancy with shared bathrooms and have free internet and some other facilities. The Paul-Sudeck-Haus offer musical rehearsal rooms with pianos, and the Wohnhaus Rahlstedt has a gym, for instance. Student dorm rooms will be available for the entire month of August at no extra cost, so if you wish to stay after ESSLLI 2008, this is a good option. There are no meals included in the price. The price is € 326 if you can prove your student status and € 378 if you are not a student.

  2. Youth Hostel Accommodation. We booked about 200 beds in the two youth hostels in Hamburg, the Jugendherberge Horner Rennbahn (Rennbahnstraße 100; 37 minutes by public transportation) and the Jugendherberge Stintfang (Alfred-Wegener-Weg 5; 19 minutes by public transportation). In the Jugendherberge Stintfang, we have ten rooms with four beds; in the Jugendherberge Horner Rennbahn, there are rooms with two, four, five and six beds. Breakfast and one additional meal (either dinner or a lunch pack) are included in the price.

    The price is independent of the number of beds in the room, but depends on your status according to the rules of the youth hostel association. If you are 27 years old or older, you could as senior for youth hostel purposes, otherwise, you are junior. The price in Horner Rennbahn is €319.15 for juniors and €358.15 for seniors. The price in Stintfang is €385.50 for juniors and €426 for seniors. The price difference stems from the much nicer location of Stintfang. We also hear that it is much nicer to live there which may or may not be worth the price difference of about €60.

  3. Cheap private hostel accommodation. The private hostel accommodation is in two hostels whose advantage is their central location. The Hotel Schanzenstern (Bartelsstraße 12) is in walking distance from the conference site (15-20 minutes); the Hostel A&O City (Amsinckstraße 6-10; 22 minutes by public transport) is close to the city centre.

    Schanzenstern has accommodation in rooms with 2, 3, 4 and 5 beds, and the price depends on the number of beds in the room (€ 344.50, € 273, € 250.25, €247, respectively). Schanzenstern does not include breakfast, but you might be able to get breakfast in the hotel for which you'll have to pay separately.

    A&O City has accommodation in single rooms (€646), double rooms (€417.50) and 4-bed rooms (€323). These prices include breakfast.

You can find the ESSLLI Site and the six accommodation sites on the following map as blue bullets. If you click on a bullet, you will get the address and description. You can scroll on the map as usual on a google map; in order to see Jugendherberge Stintfang and the Hostel A&O City, you may have to scroll south a little bit; in order to see Haus Rahlstedt, you may have to scroll east. Using the zoom buttons + and -, you can zoom in and out of the map.

If you have booked your accommodation through ESSLLI, then unless you have made alternate arrangements with the ESSLLI organizers, you should first go to registration, where you will get your keys and directions to your accommodation. In case of an emergency, you can find directions from the ESSLLI site to the various accommodations here:

Be aware that you cannot get into Rahlstedt and Paul-Sudekc-Haus without the keys that you get from us, so do not go there on your own unless you have the key. Also be aware that the receptions of Schanzenstern and JH Horner Rennbahn close at 1:00am and 2:00am, respectively; after this time, it is not possible to get into the building until the next morning.

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