Poster session

The poster session will be held between 12:00 and 14:00 on Tuesday 20/12/2011 and will be divided into two parts:

12:00-12:50 Nine 5 minute poster talks take place, in which the authors can advertise their work.
12:50-14:00 Conference participants are encouraged to view and discuss the posters in more detail, in the hall between the rooms in which the conference talks take place. The conference will provide a light sandwich-based lunch during this part of the poster session.

The following posters will be on display. Poster talks will take place in this order. We encourage the poster authors to please read these short instructions.

  Authors Title
1. Márta Abrusán and Kriszta Szendrői Experimenting with the king of France
2. Emmanuel Chemla and Lewis Bott Processing: Free choice at no cost
3. Yasutada Sudo, Jacopo Romoli, Danny Fox and Martin Hackl

Presupposition Projection out of Quantified Sentences: Strengthening, Local Accommodation and Inter-speaker Variation

4. Alex Djalali, Sven Lauer, David Clausen and Christopher Potts Corpus evidence for preference-driven interpretation
5. Jakub Dotlacil and Adrian Brasoveanu Licensing Sentence-internal Readings in English: An Experimental Study
6. Lisa Bylinina and Stas Zadorozhny Evaluative adjectives, scale structure, and ways of being polite
7. Francesca Panzeri and Francesca Foppolo Can children tell us something about the semantics of adjectives?
8. Gemma Boleda, Stefan Evert, Berit Gehrke, Louise McNally Adjectives as saturators vs. modifiers: Statistical evidence