The Conference venue is located at: 'Euclides' building, Plantage Muidergracht 24, Amsterdam.

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The location is accessible through

  • Tram stop Plantage Badlaan: Services 9 and 14.
  • Metro Station Weesperplein: Services 51, 53, and 54.
  • Tram stop Korte 's Gravesandestraat: Services 7 and 10.

Here is a detailed map with the conference venue, the mentioned stations/stops and a place to copy/print. Click the markers on the map for information.

Public Transport in Amsterdam

Over the recent years, everywhere in the Netherlands a new electronic payment system for public transport (bus, metro, tram) has been installed, called 'OV-chipkaart'. Vending & charging machines (see picture below) for tickets and cards can be found at metro and train stations. These machines accept cash, credit cards and Dutch bank cards.

This website contains information on the different ways to pay for your public transportation usage. You can buy a one-hour ticket (2.60 EURO), a day ticket (7.00 EURO) or a multiple-day ticket (e.g. 15.50 EURO for three days). These tickets allow you to get in and out of the metro, tram and bus for one hour/day/multiple days since the first check-in. Inside trams and busses, you can only buy one-hour tickets.

Instead of buying any of these tickets, you can buy an Anonymous OV-chipkaart. It costs 7.50€ once, and after that you need to charge it with money at a machine before use, like an 'e-purse'. Traveling on this card, a one-way ride on Tram 9 from Amsterdam Central Station to Plantage Badlaan (conference venue) costs 1.13 EURO. The charging machine closest to the conference venue is at metro station Weesperplein (see above).

We recommend:

If you will occasionally return to Amsterdam within the next five years, buy an Anonymous OV-chipkaart (and don't forget to bring it on your next visit).

If your visit to Amsterdam is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then with reasonable public transportation usage during the three days of your visit, a 3-day ticket is going to be slightly cheaper than the Anonymous OV-chipkaart.

When traveling on an Anonymous OV-chipkaart, remember to check out when you get off the bus/metro/tram! Otherwise 4 EURO will be subtracted from the balance on your OV-chipkaart.

OV-chipkaart machine