Truth Be Told 2011

Truth Be Told 2011: Call for Papers

Truth be Told: Workshop on Philosophical and Formal Theories of Truth

The extensive literature published on truth over the last decade has made it increasingly clear that philosophers and logicians working on theories of truth can no longer talk past each other. This workshop will serve as a meeting point for philosophers and logicians to exchange their ideas and discuss the latest results of work on truth. As a backdrop to these discussions the following questions are of particular interest:

- Does a philosopher of truth need to be aware of the results in the formal study of truth? Do logicians need to incorporate philosophical insights in order to constrain their theories of truth?

- Has the recent literature shed light on the opposition between deflationism and substantive theories of truth? How does deflationism, or any other current theory of truth, fare when compared to linguistic and cognitive data?

- Are the various solutions that have been proposed to the paradoxes isolated tricks to solve a particular problem, or can they fit under a wider framework?

The workshop will contain 11 invited and 5 contributed talks.

Invited talks will be followed by short commentaries.

Call for Papers

We invite papers that have a novel contribution to make in the area of philosophical and/or formal theories of truth. Submissions should take the form of short papers -not longer than 4000 words- accompanied by short abstracts -not longer than 150 words-. Papers for submission should be prepared for anonymous refereeing. Successful candidates will be allotted a 40-minute slot, including discussion time.

Call for Commentators

We encourage researchers at the early stage of their career to apply to commentate on one of the invited talks. Commentaries will be allotted a 10-minute slot. If you are interested, please send your cv, including list of publications and talks, as well as research interests. The conference will offer partial compensation compensation of 200 euros for the accommodation costs of all commentators.

If you wish to present a paper or offer a commentary, please use the online submission form.

For further information, please contact

Important dates

Submission Deadline: 15 December 2010

Notification of Authors: *31* January 2010