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Collocation with the Amsterdam Colloquium

SemDial 2013 (DialDam) will exceptionally take place in December and will be collocated with the Amsterdam Colloquium (18-20 Dec). We are excited about this opportunity and we hope that it will encourage interaction between the two communities!

On Wednesday 18 December the two events will take place in parallel. All participants (DialDam + AC) will be able to attend any talk or social event taking place on this day. We are very glad to be able to announce that Matthew Stone will give a plenary invited talk for the two audiences.

The last session of DialDam on Wednesday 18 will be offered as a special session of the AC on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue. The DialDam chairs together with Maria Aloni will decide which papers (amongst those accepted by the DialDam programme committee) will be presented in this session, based on affinity with the scope of the AC.

A reduced combined registration fee is offered to those who want to attend the two conferences beyond this overlapping day.

Workshop Questions in Discourse

The workshop Questions in Discourse organised by the DFG Research Network on Questions in Discourse, plus invited speakers, will take place on 16-17 December.

SMART Cognitive Science Debate

SMART Cognitive Science has organised a debate on "The Future of Semantics: Armchair Theorizing or Data Fetishism" jointly with the Amsterdam Colloquium on Friday 20 December. Discussants: Noah Goodman (Stanford), Angelika Kratzer (U. Mass), Matthew Stone (Rutgers), and Martin Stokhof (UvA).