Seminars at ILLC

On this page, you can find a list of the seminars, talk series and reading groups active at ILLC along with their short description and a link to the website.

Logic Tea

The Logic Tea is a series of talks on topics in philosophy, linguistics, mathematics, computer science and related fields of interest. In particular, it addresses the Masters of Logic and PhD candidates of ILLC.

Cool logic

The Cool Logic seminar is a series of informal meetings organised by and for students of the ILLC, aiming to provide a relaxed atmosphere where students can expand each other’s horizons on the landscape of logic.

Logic and Interactive Rationality

The LIRa seminar is the weekly seminar of the Amsterdam Dynamics Group, focusing on the logical, philosophical and computational aspects of agency, rational interaction and social-informational dynamics.

LogiCIC Seminar

The LogiCIC seminar series is organized within the ERC project The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change. Every month, this seminar hosts one or two invited speakers who present their latest research results on topics in Logic, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.

Algebra|Coalgebra Seminar

The purpose of the Algebra|Coalgebra seminar is to disseminate results and insights about and around algebraic and coalgebraic methods in logic.

DIP Colloquium

The Discourse and Philosophy (DIP) Colloquium is a lecture series by distinguished speakers, whose work relates to the current research interests of the Logic and Language group at the ILLC: formal semantics and pragmatics, philosophy of logic and language, and logical modeling of language-related human cognition.

Computational Linguistics Seminar

The Computational Linguistics Seminar is organsied by the Language and Computation and the Logic and Language groups within the institute. Seminars are open to staff and students of all levels.

Inquisitive Semantics Seminar

As of September 2016, there is a weekly seminar on inquisitive semantics at the ILLC in Amsterdam. The seminar is mostly intended for discussion of work in progress by members of the inquisitive semantics group at the ILLC, as well as visitors of the group. Anyone is welcome to attend the seminar.

Computational Social Choice Seminar

The Computational Social Choice Seminar is a series of occasional talks being organised at the ILLC. The talks mostly address issues at the interface of computer science (including logic, multiagent systems and artificial intelligence) and mathematical economics (including social choice theory, game theory and decision theory).

Music Cognition Reading Group

The Music Cognition Reading Group Amsterdam meets monthly to discuss recent findings from the literature and present research from the Music Cognition Group Amsterdam and other music research groups.