In November 2017, the ILLC PhD Council was dissolved. This website stays available in order to preserve the information pages that may still be useful for future generations.

The PhD council was created on 24 Feb 2010 as an initiative proposed by the PhD community to the ILLC. Our main task is to care for the interests of PhD candidates of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam from both an educational and social point of view.

If you are looking for official information about the ILLC PhD programme, check out the official PhD programme website.

The PhD council organises event such as Life after ILLC, PhD Day and PhD and MoL Day. Check out our events page for upcoming events. We also discuss the current issues with the PhD candidates and the management team of ILLC. Check out our newsletter and minutes to get updated on what we are currently working on. There is also a section on this website where we put together useful information when starting a PhD at ILLC or in general.

If you have any issues, questions, suggestions or input about anything related to being a PhD, or if you would like to help organise events or join the council, don’t hesitate to contact us at phdcouncil.illc [a] gmail.com.

Want to join?
You can always contact us if you want to join council, either email us or talk to one of us in the hallways. The main reason to join us is to help address the problems and proposals of the PhD community. The ILLC is very open and supportive to initiatives that can improve the workplace and life of PhD candidates. That’s why we need your help and ideas!