A Door to Logic: Selected Works by Johan van Benthem

About the translation project

In October 2006, a team of professors and students have started to translate key papers and monographs by professor van Benthem into Chinese, to make his contributions and views of logic and its modern role accessible to a wide variety of Chinese readers in various disciplines. The total project will cover both pure logic and links to other fields. For information on ongoing publications, please check the further pages below.

Ongoing subprojects

Volume I: Modal Logic, Information and Interaction

Modal logic is the study of ubiquitous reasoning patterns with knowledge, time, and other intensional notions, which occur intertwined with processes of information update and interaction. System design in this area is all about a delicate balance between expressive power, semantic invariance, and computational complexity. This volume covers both the mathematical model theory of the field, and its current links to the study of computation, information, communication, and games.

The first volume Logic, Information and Interaction appeared in June 2008 with the Science Press in Beijing. For a first look, please check the General Preface of the Book Series contributed by Prof. Jialong Zhang, the current President of the Chinese Association of Logic and the Preface of this Volume written by Prof. van Benthem particularly.

Logic, Information, and Interaction

Volume II: Logic, Language, and Cognition

Logic has a long-standing historical interface with the study of natural language. This volume covers the logical study of generalized quantifiers and associated inference patterns, as well as the general categorial structure of language studied by means of proof theory and lambda calculus. In addition, it explores parallels between the study of natural language and that of computation, as well as related issues in cognitive science, such as 'natural logic' and interactive communication.

Volume III: Modal Logic and Classical Logic (monograph)

This volume contains the basic study of modal correspondence theory, the systematic investigation of modal definability and its connections with classical first-order and higher-order logics. It consists of a classical monograph on the subject, supplemented with some recent papers on correspondence involving fixed- point languages. There is also a small scientific biography.

Volume IV: Logic, Epistemology, and Methodology

Logic has traditional ties with many areas of philosophy. including general epistemology and the methodology of science. This volume shows the breadth and depth of this philosophical interface through a sequence of papers on logical constants, knowledge and belief, structure of scientific theories, foundations of space and time, and the philosophy of logic in a modern vein.


Please contact Johan van Benthem or Fenrong Liu, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the above projects.

Last updated: 20 December, 2008