Preliminary Program

Time Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00 Invited Lecture
Colin Stirling
Elisabet Engdahl
Elisabet Engdahl
free Tutorial
Elisabet Engdahl
10:00 coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
10:30 Tutorial
Claire Gardent
Claire Gardent
Invited Lecture
Andrei Voronkov
Claire Gardent
Invited Lecture
Alberto Zanardo
11:30 Tutorial
Wilfred Hodges
Wilfred Hodges
Wilfred Hodges
Invited Lecture
Fairouz Kamareddine
12:30 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
13:30 Invited Lecture
Lev Beklemishev
Invited Lecture
Igor Melchuk
excursion Invited Lecture
Henriëtte de Swart
Invited Lecture
Jens Allwood
14:30 Session 1/2 Session 3/4 Session 5/6 Session 7/8
15:30 tea tea tea tea
16:00 Session 1/2 Session 3/4 Invited Lecture
Rosalie Iemhoff
Session 7/8
17:00 Invited Lecture
Enric Vallduví
Invited Lecture
Barbara Partee
Vladimir Borschev
Invited Lecture
Matthias Baaz
Invited Lecture
Jonathan Ginzburg
18:00 closing closing closing closing
19:00 reception banquet farewell banquet

Submitted Papers

Monday Session 1
Computational Morphology
Session 2
14.30 -- 15.00 Liana Lortkipanidze
"Record and reproduction" of morphological functions
Konstantin Pkhakadze
Direct formal-logical description of the Georgian NLS
15.00 -- 15.30 Petr Homola
Shallow machine translation
Alastair Butler
Predicate logic with barriers
16.00 -- 16.30 Kata Balogh
A morphology driven parser for Hungarian
Paul Dekker
From anaphora to strategic inquiry
16.30 -- 17.00 Ketevan Datukishvili
Morphologic processor of the Georgian language
Nani Chanishvili
Structuring of space in Georgian
Tuesday Session 3
Conceptual Semantics
Session 4
Discourse and Dialogue
14.30 -- 15.00 Maarten Janssen
Lexical translation and conceptual hierarchies
Nana Shengelaia
On anaphoric and cataphoric devices
15.00 -- 15.30 Olav Mueller-Reichau
From concepts to properties, objects and events
Raquel Fernandez
Abstract models for dialogue protocols
16.00 -- 16.30 Rushiko Asatiani
Conceptual representation of the verb form creation
Alexei Muravitsky
Logic of information knowledge
Thursday Session 5
Case Marking
Session 6
14.30 -- 15.00 Maya Sakhokia
Object marking in Persian
Levan Uridia
On formulas of one variable in the modal logic of inequality
15.00 -- 15.30 George Chikoidze
The semantics of the Georgian genitive case
Bas Terwijn
To be announced
Friday Session 7
Acts and Adverbs
Session 8
Learning and Optimality
14.30 -- 15.00 Shorena Bartaia
Some notes on expressing the concept of "happen" in Georgian
Gerhard Jaeger
Improving the gradual learning algorithm
15.00 -- 15.30 Martin Schaefer
Complex events and underspecified relations
Henk Zeevat
16.00 -- 16.30 Kakhi Sakhltkhutsishvili
Aspectual `for/in an hour' test in Georgian
Sheri Hunnicutt
Russian word prediction with morphological support
16.30 -- 17.00 Gabor Ujvarosi
English adverbial NPs in machine translation
Kjell Johan Saeboe
Optimal interpretations of permission sentences