The Making of the Humanities II


Second International Conference on the History of the Humanities


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21-23 October 2010, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Call for Abstracts


The theme of this year’s meeting is From Early Modern to Modern Disciplines, 
focusing on the period 1600-1900.

We especially encourage submissions on:


Increasing specialization and institutionalization: How did various branches of the humanities develop into modern differentiations between disciplines?

Historization of the humanities: How did the historical approach become the leading method underlying the humanities -- from philology to musicology?

Humanties vs sciences: How were the humanities positioned with respect to the sciences? Was there a continuing search for patterns and ‘laws’ in humanities?

Interaction between regions: What was the impact of the European humanities on the humanities in China, India and Africa, and vice versa?

Rise of canonical figures and themes: How did individual scholars come to be identified with their disciplines? How did certain historical moments or works obtain canonical positions, often in relation to the ideals of cultural nationalism?


We strongly favor abstracts that are as comparative as possible, i.e. that explore the connections between different disciplines and/or persons in the history of the humanities.


Abstract Submission

Send an abstract of maximally 400 words to:

Deadline for abstract submissions: 15 June 2010



Auspices: Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC)