Workshop on Correlated Information Change


DAY 1: Monday 24 November


08.45-09.00: coffee/tea and registration

09.00-09.10: Opening Words: Sonja Smets


 Morning Session 1, Chair: Sonja Smets

 09.10-10.00: Erik Olsson: Social Network Topology, Truth, and Value: Agent-based

Simulation of Collective Competence in Connected Groups

10.00-10.50: Thomas Bolander: Seeing is Believing: Formalising False-Belief Tasks in

Dynamic Epistemic Logic

10.50-11.10: Tea and coffee break

11.10-12.00: Amanda Friedenberg  (with Adam Brandenburger): How Many Levels Do

Players Reason?  An Observational Challenge and Solution 

12.00-13.30: Lunch break


Afternoon Session 1, Chair: Zoe Christoff

13.30-14.20: Mike Wooldridge: Folk Theorems for Multi-Agent Systems

14.20-15.10: Kevin Zollman: The evolution of communication when interests conflict

15.10-15.30: Tea and coffee break


Afternoon Session 2, Chair: Rasmus Rendsvig

15.30-16.20: Tomoyuki Yamada: Information channels for the logical dynamics of speech


16.20-17.10: Patrick Blackburn: Planning, Pragmatics and Psychology

 DAY 2: Tuesday 25 November


 Morning Session, Chair: Yongmei Liu

09.30-10.20: Jeremy Seligman: Tweeting, winking and whispering: aspects of social

                          epistemic logic

10:20-10:50: Zoe Christoff: Beyond collective "flip-flops" in networks

10:50-11:10: Tea and coffee break

11.10-12.00: Jens Ulrik Hansen: Opinion dynamics in social networks - a logic approach

12.00-13.30: Lunch break


Afternoon Session 1, Chair: Soroush Rafiee Rad

13.30-14.20: Adam Brandenburger (with Pierfrancesco La Mura): Deriving the Qubit from

Entropy Principles

14.20-15.10: Pierfrancesco La Mura (with Adam Brandenburger): Team Decision Problems

with Classical and Quantum Signals

15.10-15.30: Tea and coffee break  


Afternoon Session 2, Chair: Emiliano Lorini

15.30-16.20: Andres Perea (with Arkadi Predtetchinski ) : An Epistemic Approach to

Stochastic Games

16.20-16.50: Paolo Galeazzi: Evolution of choice principles

16.50-17.40: Peter van Emde Boas : Strategy Theory in Ancient China; preparing for the

opponent or reasoning about him


20.30: Conference dinner 

DAY 3: Wednesday 26 November


Morning Session , Chair: Paolo Galeazzi

09.30-10.20: Yongmei Liu : Multi-agent Knowledge and Belief Change in the Situation


10.20-10.50: Rasmus K. Rendsvig : Changing Neighbors: Actions Models and Graph

                           Products for Dynamics in and of Social Networks

10.50-11.10: Tea and coffee break

11.10-12.00: Katsuhiko Sano : On interdependence between belief updates and reliability

structures: An approach from two-dimensional hybrid logic

12.00-13.30: Lunch break


Afternoon Session 1, Chair: Erik Olsson

13.30-14.20: Emiliano Lorini : Trust-based belief dynamics

14.20-15.10:  Sonja Smets (with Alexandru Baltag and Fenrong Liu) : Belief revision based on

evidence and trust in social networks


15.10-15.30: Tea and coffee break 


Afternoon Session 2, Chair: Jens Ulrik Hansen

15.30-16.20: Soroush Rafiee Rad : Voting, Deliberation and Truth

16.20-17.10: Joshua Sack: Informational Cascades, Logic and Games

17.10-17.15: Closing session