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Practical Info


We have gathered some practical information for you in the hope to make your stay a bit easier.  First of all, how to get from the airport into the town center.

Secondly, how to use and pay for the public transport in the trams and buses. For this you need a “OV-chip card”, see further under II. The OV-chip card is very useful for the trams and buses. However, although it is also possible to use it on the trains we advise not to do so as this will only work when an amount of €. 40,00 has been uploaded!

Thirdly the hotel information, including some tips where to go in the neighborhood. The distance from the hotel to your conference location is just a few minutes’ walk, just ask at the hotel reception where to go.



I. From the airport into town:


Below you find the information provided by the airport with regard to transportation into the city center. You can find all this also on their website:


Option 1, by train

The train offers a reliable mode of transportation for travelers. One can buy tickets either at the ticket desk on the arrivals level or at the yellow machines using Euro coins or credit/debit cards. The direct trains to the Amsterdam train station run every 10 to 15 minutes between 6:00AM and 12:30AM and the trip takes about 15 to 20 minutes. These trains leave from platforms 1, 2 or 3, which are all one floor below the airport terminal. Using a train will cost you 3.80 Euros when travelling second class.


Option 2, buses

Buses also offer an economical mode of transportation for travelers and if you are staying at a hotel near the bus station these buses services can be more direct than using a train. The buses offer limited services over the weekends though. A single journey using a bus will cost 3.60 Euros. A bus leaves the airport after every 30 minutes between 5:40AM and 11:40PM and the bus station is located outside the main entrance to the arrivals and train station level. The buses normally make five stops and two of these are conveniently located near many hotels. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Amsterdam city using a bus.

Bus nr. 197 /AmsterdamAirport Express 

From Schiphol P30

Going to Amsterdam Leidseplein /Marnixstraat

4x per hour         Company: Connexxion


Bus nr. 199 /

From Schiphol P30

Going to Amsterdam Station Zuid (= South)

2x per hour         Company: Connexxion


Option 3, Schiphol Hotel shuttles

The Schiphol Hotel shuttles offer a cheaper alternative to taxi and they offer door-to-door services. For a single journey it costs 13.50 Euros for an adult and 6.25 Euros for children. These buses run every 10 minutes between 6AM and 9PM from platform A7 outside the main entrance to the arrivals and train station level. However, make a point of first asking your hotel if they offer a complimentary airport shuttle service.


Option 4, taxi

Taxis also provide transportation from the airport to Amsterdam city. Using a taxi is convenient especially if you are travelling with a lot of luggage as they offer door-to-door services and a trip to the city takes only 20 minutes if it is not rush hour. However, this is the most expensive mode of transportation and a traveler risks sitting in heavy traffic during peak hours. The cost can be anywhere from 33 Euros to 40 Euros depending on the route used and the destination. There are plenty of taxis just outside the main entrance to arrivals and train station level at the airport. Travelers are advised to choose a taxi from the line and not from random individuals claiming to offer this service.



II. Public Transport in General – you need a OV-chip card!!!



There is no separate OV-chip card for tourists. As a tourist you will purchase an anonymous OV-chip card or a disposable OV-chip card. You will purchase either card at the counter for a public transport company, the device at the station, at a newsagent or at a supermarket.


Purchasing an OV-chip card

You can choose between an anonymous card and a disposable chip card.


Use        Explanation

  • Anonymous card: suitable for more than a day or longer distances.  Plastic card whith travel products or credit. The suggested retail price is € 7.50;
  • Disposable card: suitable for single use or for a short period. The card is loaded with a travel product valid for a limited period, such as one week of travel. A disposable card usually works out more expensive.

Either card is purchased at a counter or device, at airports, at stations and at newsagents or supermarkets. You can also purchase a disposable card on the tram and/or bus. Sales points are indicated by the pink OV-chip card logo. Find a sales point nearby before you arrive location in the Netherlands.


Load card before you travel

Before you can travel you need to load credit onto the card. You can do this at a counter or device. The payment options differ at different devices. It is not possible to pay with a credit card anywhere.


Travelling by national rail operator NS

In order to travel with the national rail operator “De Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)” you need to load credit and the 'Travel on Credit' product onto the card. You can do this at an NS counter or NS card device.


What to do when you leave?

An anonymous card is valid for four to five years. You can keep the card to use it again. The credit will also remain valid. Or you can get the left-over credit back at a public transport company counter. You will pay € 2.50 in administration costs.

If you wish to terminate the card, please request a form from the counter. Complete the form fully and post this along with the card to the address given on the form.


24 hour-ticket

It is also possible to buy a 24 hour-ticket. This day ticket works like an OV-chip card and is valid for the entire public transport network in Amsterdam. You can buy this ticket at GVB, EBS and Connexxion.


Staying in the Netherlands for a longer period?

If you will be staying in the Netherlands for a longer period, you can also apply for a personal OV-chip card. You can then add a pass to this and you will receive an automatic age discount. If you live in Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg, you can apply for a personal OV-chip card online. This card will then be sent to your home address. If you live in another country, you can purchase an application package for €10.50, at an RET, Arriva or Connexxion counter. You can use this package to apply for a personal OV-chip card. The OV-chip card can then be sent to an address in the Netherlands, such as your hotel.





Our advice is to go from the airport to the Central Station in Amsterdam and then take tram nr. 9 or nr. 24 and get off at the stop called “Muntplein”. From there it is only a 2 minutes’ walk to your hotel. The address is:

    Hotel Résidence Le Coin

    Nieuwe Doelenstraat 5

    1012 CP, Amsterdam

    The Netherlands

    Tel: +31 (0)20 524 6800

    Fax: +31 (0)20 524 6801



The hotel is located in the center of Amsterdam just a 4-minute walk from Rembrandtplein. Residence Le Coin offers bright rooms with a kitchenette. Tram stop Muntplein is a 2-minute walk.

Each light decorated room features exposed wooden beams and have large windows. They also offer a seating area and a private bathroom which is fitted with a bath or shower.

You can prepare simple meals in the kitchenette which has an electric stove, refrigerator and kitchenware. A wide variety of cafes and restaurants are located in the direct surroundings.

From Muntplein you have direct access by tram to Central Station, Anne Frank House and the Heineken Experience. Leidseplein is a 10-minute walk. From there it is 3 minutes more to Museumplein.