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Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
August 4-15, 2008

European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information
                   August 4 - 15, 2008
                     Newsletter no. 3
                     20 December 2007

Dear subscribers to the ESSLLI newsletter:

We shall keep you informed via the ESSLLI newsletter about
the developments in the preparation of ESSLLI 2008. The
newsletters will be sent out at least once a month, and
more often as ESSLLI 2008 approaches. For further
information, please check our webpage at


If you have any questions about ESSLLI 2008, please send an
e-mail to the coordinating e-mail address


* SPONSORS. ESSLLI 2008 is supported by a number of local,
national and international sponsors. Apart from the
sponsoring institutions at the Universität Hamburg (the
MIN-Fakultät, the departments of Computer Science,
Mathematics and Philosophy, and the Regional Computing
Centre), ESSLLI 2008 has received financial support from
the Marie Curie Research Training Site GLoRiClass, the
Association for Computer Linguistics, the Hamburgische
Wissenschaftliche Stiftung, the Kurt Gödel Society, and
Springer Verlag. The Association for Symbolic Logic, the
European Association for Theoretical Computer Science,
and the Jahr der Mathematik 2008 provide institutional
support.  Lufthansa is the official carrier of ESSLLI 2008.
You can see a list of our sponsors at

* ACCOMMODATION. We have now booked about 350 beds for the
student participants in student dorms, youth hostels and
city hostels. The price of accommodation for the duration of
ESSLLI will be between EUR 250 and EUR 420. You will be able
to book accommodation as soon as the registration is opened.
Some more information on our accommodation can be found at:

* SATELLITE EVENT. The 13th Conference on Formal Grammar will
again be running in conjunction with ESSLLI.  The Conference
website is at


and they have set up an RSS-Feed:

* WORKSHOPS. In addition to the satellite event and the student
session, we have 10 workshops scheduled:

Week One:
  --Formal and experimental approaches to discourse particles
    and modal adverbs
  --Symmetric calculi and Ludics for the semantic
  --Lexical Semantics Workshop
  --Dynamics in Logic
  --Logics for Agents and Mobility

Week Two:
  --The Semantics of Clause Combining
  --What Syntax Feeds Semantics?
  --Free choiceness: facts, models and problems
  --5th International Workshop on Constraints and Language Processing
  --Workshop on Logic and Intelligent Interaction

* INVITED SPEAKERS.  The following people have confirmed their
participation as an invited speaker in one of the workshops
listed above: Robyn Carston (UCL), Jan van Eijk (CWI), Philippe
de Groote (LORIA), Christopher Potts (Amherst), Frank Wolter
Contact e-mail: