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Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
August 4-15, 2008

European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information
                   August 4 - 15, 2008
                     Newsletter no. 16
                        26 June 2008

Dear subscribers of the ESSLLI newsletter:

For more information about ESSLLI, please check our webpage
or send an e-mail:


2008 will close next week. Please make sure that you use this
last opportunity to register for ESSLLI.

Note that after registration closes, you will not be able to
order any of the items from our webpage, i.e.,
  * course material
  * public transport tickets
  * excursions
  * t-shirts
  * mugs.

These items have to be ordered in advance and, for instance,
it will be impossible to buy a t-shirt at ESSLLI or join an
excursion if you don't order it by next Tuesday. Do you really
want to be the only person at ESSLLI without the ESSLLI
t-shirt? Do you want to listen to all of the stories of the
interesting excursions that you missed on Monday morning? No?
Then use your chance to order a t-shirt and an excursion now!

excursions offered on Sunday, 10 August 2008 and the ESSLLI
T-Shirt and ESSLLI mug:

These items can only be ordered until 1 July and will NOT be
available unless you order them.

LUNCH PRESENTATIONS. The generous lunch breaks of ESSLLI 2008
allow for having some special presentations. For instance, one
of our sponsors, Sun Microsystems will give a lunch
presentation on their SAI programme (Sun Academic Initiative)
of free software and hardware courses for academics on 14
August.  For more information, see

If you are an ESSLLI participant and would like to present
some software or hardware components that you developed in
one of our lunch presentations, please contact us at

MUSIC ROOM. In Hamburg, one of our rooms will be our ESSLLI
Music Room in which we have an electronic harpsichord. This
room will be reserved for several hours per day for playing
music together. We know that some ESSLLI participants plan
to bring cellos and violins. Please also consider bringing
your instrument and sheet music and join the others in the
ESSLLI Music Room. In order to get an impression of how many
and which instruments will be at ESSLLI, we would appreciate
it if you could inform us of your intent to bring an
instrument by sending an email to 

Contact e-mail: