Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
CiE 2005: Tutorials & Invited Talks

Invited Speakers

Introductory Remarks Cooper Barry Cooper (Leeds) Computability in Europe
Special Lecture Andrew Hodges Andrew Hodges (Oxford) Alan Turing: Logical and Physical
Tutorial Buhrman Harry Buhrman (Amsterdam) Quantum Computing
Tutorial Weihrauch Klaus Weihrauch (Hagen) Computable Analysis
Invited Talk samson.abramsky Samson Abramsky (Oxford) Quantum Computation
Invited Talk JoelAtFireplace Joel D. Hamkins (New York NY) Infinitary Computability with Infinite Time Turing Machines
Invited Talk kohlenb Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt) Proof Mining in Functional Analysis
Invited Talk jan Jan van Leeuwen (Utrecht) Interactive, adaptive and evolving computing (cancelled)
Invited Talk Yuri Matiyasevich Yuri Matiyasevich (St.Petersburg) Hilbert's 10th Problem and Paradigms of Computation
Invited Talk ynm Yiannis Moschovakis (Athens / Los Angeles CA) Recursion and Complexity.
Invited Talk Gheorghe Paun Gheorghe Paun (Bucharest) Membrane Computing.
Invited Talk uwe2 Uwe Schöning (Ulm) New Algorithmic Paradigms in Exponential Time Algorithms