2nd International Workshop on Computational Social Choice
Liverpool, 3-5 September 2008

This Call for Papers is also available in text format (includes additional information from other pages on this web site). For printing, please use the flyer.

Call for Papers

2nd International Workshop on Computational Social Choice


Liverpool, 3-5 September 2008


Submissions of full papers describing original or recently published work on all aspects of computational social choice are invited. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • complexity-theoretic analysis of voting procedures
  • computational aspects of fair division
  • cake-cutting algorithms
  • distributed negotiation in multiagent system
  • preference representation in combinatorial domains
  • computational aspects of preference aggregation rules
  • preference elicitation
  • social choice and constraint programming
  • social choice and the web: ranking systems
  • belief and judgement aggregation
  • computational aspects of coalition formation
  • social choice under uncertainty
  • logics for collective decision making
  • logic-based verification of social procedures
  • communication complexity of social choice mechanisms
  • computational issues in mechanism design

Paper submission is electronic via the workshop website (submission deadline: 3rd June 2008). Papers (of around 5000 words) should be formatted according to the instructions available at the workshop website. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the programme committee. Accepted papers will be collected in informal workshop notes, printed copies of which will be available at the workshop. To accommodate the publishing needs of different scientific communities, we stress that authors will retain the copyright of their papers and that submitting to COMSOC-2008 does not preclude publication of the same material in a journal or in archival conference proceedings. Submission is restricted to one paper per principal author (each accepted paper should be presented by a different author). Please contact either one of the programme chairs in case of any questions:

  • Ulle Endriss (ulle@illc.uva.nl)
  • Paul Goldberg (p.w.goldberg@liverpool.ac.uk)


Given the interdisciplinary nature of the field of computational social choice, hardly any researcher can be expected to have received formal training in all of its subfields. For the day just before the workshop, we hope to be able to offer several tutorials, aimed at both students and senior researchers. These tutorials will cover material from computer science of interest to social choice theorists and material from social choice theory of interest to computer scientists. Details will be announced as they become available.


COMSOC-2008 will take place immediately after a workshop on "Market Based Control", supported by the EPSRC-funded "Market Based Control" project (http://www.marketbasedcontrol.com). This meeting will feature talks by several guest speakers (inlcuding Sarit Kraus, David Parkes and Peter Stone), and COMSOC-2008 participants are cordially invited to attend.