Amsterdam Workshop on Truth
13-15 March 2013


The complete book of abstracts can be downloaded here.


In alphabetical order by speaker:

  • Theodora Achourioti
    Truth as Modality [abstract] [slides]
  • Paul Egré and Robert Van Rooij
    Truth and Permissive Consequence [abstract] [slides]
  • Martin Fischer
    Paradoxes of Interacting Modalities [abstract] [slides]
  • Nina Gierasimczuk
    Truth-tracking and Belief Revision [abstract] [slides]
  • Volker Halbach
    Faithful to Classical Logic [abstract] [slides]
  • Leon Horsten
    The Expressiveness of Truth [abstract] [slides]
  • Jeffrey Ketland
    "There's Glory for You!" [abstract] [slides]
  • Graham Leigh
    Deflating Truth: Conservativeness and Cut Elimination [abstract] [slides]
  • Øystein Linnebo
    Properties and Semantics [abstract] (cancelled)
  • Iris Loeb
    Universalism in Tarski's Wahrheitsbegriff: 1933 and 1935 [abstract] [slides]
  • Carlo Nicolai
    Axiomatic Truth, Syntax and Metatheoretic Reasoning [abstract]
  • Georg Schiemer
    Semantics in Type Theory [abstract] [slides]
  • Sonja Smets
    The Logic Behind Collective Learning in Social Contexts [abstract]
  • Jönne Speck
    Grounded Truth [abstract] [slides]
  • Johannes Stern
    Necessity and Necessary Truths from a Proof-Theoretic Perspective [abstract] [slides]
  • Giulia Terzian
    On the Simplicity of Truth [abstract] [slides]
  • Albert Visser
    A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Construction of Full Satisfaction Classes [abstract] [slides]
  • Philip Welch
    Revisioning Revision Theory [abstract] [slides]
  • Stefan Wintein
    On the Strict Tolerant Conception of Truth [abstract] [slides]