Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference 2010

Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference 2010: Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The 3rd Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference on ‘Truth, Meaning, and Normativity’ is devoted to continue the discussions that were raised in the previous two conferences, as well as to lay the ground for new ones.

We invite submissions from graduate researchers conducting novel philosophical research into any of the three conference topics. We also encourage submissions that inform the discussion about truth, meaning, and/or normativity by offering a philosophical interpretation of results from other fields such as logic, cognitive psychology and linguistics (including formal semantics and sociolinguistics).

Areas of interest include but are not restricted to: formal theories of truth; deflationism; vagueness; proof-theoretic versus truth-theoretic conceptions of meaning; meaning as use; the semantics-pragmatics interface; compositionality; criteria and evidence for evaluating competing theories of truth and/or meaning; semantic normativity with respect to meaning, use, content, and context; syntax and logical form.

Since the topics of truth, meaning, and normativity naturally feed into each other, we also welcome contributions whose particular aim is to explore any of the many intricate ways in which these notions relate to one another. Submissions on the role that these notions have played, or play, in the broad (analytic) tradition or, more specifically, within the linguistic turn are also of interest to the conference.

Confirmed invited speakers

- Paul Egré (Institut Jean-Nicod, CNRS)

- Jeroen Groenendijk (Amsterdam)

- Max Kölbel (Barcelona)

- Hannes Leitgeb (Bristol)

- Åsa Wikforss (Stockholm)

Submission information

We invite submissions in the form of short papers (not longer than 4000 words) accompanied by short abstracts (not longer than 150 words). The deadline for submission is 18 July and it should follow the on-line submission form, available here. Candidates eligible for submission are graduate students and those who have completed a doctoral dissertation within the last three years. Papers for submission should be prepared for anonymous refereeing.

Successful candidates will be allotted a 45-minute time slot, comprising of a 25-minute presentation, a short commentary by an appointed speaker and discussion with the audience. Candidates will be notified by August 30 of whether their paper has been accepted for presentation. The speakers will have the chance to send a revised version of their paper, as well as a revised version of their abstract for publication in the conference book of abstracts.

Please note that submitting a a paper does not automatically count as registration for the conference. Those who wish to participate must formally register for the conference; full details on how to do so can be found here.

For further information, please contact

Important dates

Submission Deadline: 18 July 2010

Notification of Authors: 30 August 2010