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PhD Defenses

Past defenses.

  • 4 October 2006. Merlijn Sevenster (Associated Fellow).
    Title: Branches of imperfect information: logic, games, and computation.
    Promotores: Prof. Dr. Johan van Benthem & Dr. Peter van Emde Boas.
  • 26 February 2008. Olivier Roy (Associated Fellow).
    Title: Thinking before Acting: Intentions, Logic, Rational Choice.
    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Johan van Benthem.
    Copromotor: Prof. Dr. Martin van Hees.
  • 26 February 2008. Fenrong Liu (Associated Fellow).
    Title: Changing for the Better: Preference Dynamics and Agent Diversity.
    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Johan van Benthem.
  • 9 October 2008. Floris Roelofsen (Associated Fellow).
    Title: Anaphora Resolved.
    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Jeroen Groenendijk.
  • 6 March 2009. Jakub Szymanik (GaLing Fellow).
    Title: Quantifiers in TIME and SPACE.
    Promotores: Prof. Dr. Johan van Benthem & Prof. Dr. Marcin Mostowski.
    Copromotor: Dr. Theo Janssen.

Future defenses.

  • 26 May 2009. Brian Semmes (Associated Fellow).
    Title: A game for the Borel functions.
    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Dick de Jongh.
    Copromotor: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Löwe.
  • 3 September 2009. Andreas Witzel (GaCS Fellow).
    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Apt.
  • November 2009. Stefan Bold (Associated Fellow).
    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Löwe.