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"Logic in Games" is an emerging area of research into interactions between rational agents when performing a wide variety of tasks, ranging from argumentation to language use and social cooperation. This area brings together mathematical logic (model theory and proof theory, set theory), philosophical logic (epistemic logic, dynamic logic), computer science (process theory, complexity theory), linguistics (formal semantics and pragmatics), and philosophy (theory of rationality).

"Logic in Games" connects naturally with studies of games in economics, social sciences, and psychology, which address economic behaviour, social conventions, and interactive cognitive phenomena. Even though research in this tradition has proceeded along different lines, with classical game theory as a paradigm, many recent examples show that closer scientific interactions are possible, and indeed desirable. Indeed, ILLC has long been a test bed for interdisciplinary projects directed at this boundary. Right now, we are making a next major step.

The aim of the Research Training Site GLoRiClass is to educate young researchers who are knowledgeable in all parts of "Logic and Games", but also in adjoining areas in the game-theoretic tradition, allowing them to reach out, and function successfully at the interface. The Centre is part of the ILLC and supported by the ILLC staff members and PhD students. GLoRiClass is funded by the European Community in the Marie Curie programme as an Early Stage Research Training Host Fellowship (MEST-CT-2005-020841).

Main Themes.
GaMath (Games and Mathematics). Coordinator. Benedikt Löwe.
GaCS (Games and Computer Science). Coordinators. Krzysztof Apt, Ulle Endriss.
GaLing (Games and Linguistics). Coordinator. Paul Dekker.
GaSocI (Games in Social Interaction). Coordinator. Johan van Benthem.
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