Set Theory at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

People. Prof. dr. Benedikt Löwe
Dr. Lorenzo Galeotti
Dr. Yurii Khomskii
Robert Passmann, M.Sc.
Ned Wontner, M.Math.Phil. M.Phil.

Research Seminar.

Fri 25 Oct. 12-13 Room F1.15 Asaf Karagila Stranger Things: The ZF-verse obtained by adding just one Cohen to L Abstract: Adding a single Cohen real to L provides us with a lattice of intermediate models, but if we only consider models of ZFC, these models are all somehow very similar (except L itself). Without assuming the Axiom of Choice in those intermediate models we have a very different picture. We will discuss the construction of the Bristol model, which is a model between L and L[c], which does not have the form L(x) for any set x.
Tue 17 Dec. 14:30 Room F1.15 Hrafn Oddsson A Model for Paradefinite Set Theory Abstract: A paradefinite logic is a logic that is both paraconsistent and paracomplete. In this talk we introduce a framework for models of paradefinite set theories based of Thierry Libert's work in paraconsistent set theory. We then present a model of paradefinite set theory which can be seen as the result of enriching the classical von Neumann universe of sets with various non-classical sets. We will also discuss the axiomatization of the theory of this model.
The seminar is now part of STiHAC a joint meeting of the set theory groups in Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Cambridge.
Last changed: 26 November 2020