Games in Logic, Language and Computation 12


Date. June 14, 2006.
Topic. Games in set theory, analysis and topology.
Location. Universiteit van Amsterdam, Roeterseilandcomplex, Roetersstraat 11. E150.
(Map of the Roeterseilandcomplex)
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9:40-10:30 Sławek Solecki Decomposing Baire 1 functions and complete semicontinuous functions
10:30-11:00 BREAK
11:00-11:45 Brian Semmes The Tree Game
11:45-11:55 BREAK
11:55-12:40 Jacques Duparc Weak Tree Alternating Automata are not that Weak
12:40-14:10 LUNCH
14:10-14:55 Steve Jackson Canonical Measure Assignments and Jónsson Cardinals
14:55-15:10 BREAK
15:10-15:40 Stefan Bold An Inductive Measure Analysis and Applications Under AD
15:40-15:50 BREAK
15:50-16:35 Peter Koepke On the pointclass of homogeneously Suslin sets
16:35-16:45 BREAK
16:45-17:15 Daisuke Ikegami Projective absoluteness under Sacks forcing
17:15-17:25 BREAK
17:25-18:10 Joel Hamkins The consistency strength of the Proper Forcing Axiom for proper, (aleph2)-proper forcing
18:10-18:20 BREAK
18:20-19:05 Boban Veličković Forcing axioms and inner models of set theory

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