Information pervades our life all day long, but how does it work precisely? Dynamic-epistemic logic is the study of information flow and how agents adjust their knowledge and beliefs accordingly, and it looks for the exact laws that govern these changes. Starting from simple scenarios of communication such as informative statements or questions, by now there are logical tools for dealing with a wide variety of phenomena: hard and soft information, knowledge and belief, and increasingly also other notions that drive agency such as preferences and goals. And this does not happen in isolation. Dynamic-epistemic logic links up logic with other fields in new ways, such as epistemology, learning theory, linguistics, computer science, and game theory.

This website is the Amsterdam Portal to the world of dynamic epistemic logic. It contains basic information on the dynamic-epistemic program, from basic texts to advanced directions, and from research papers to educational material. It also has links to other researcher and other gateways into this field. Just click on one of our 6 windows, and enter!