This website provides information about the book Modal Logic for Open Minds by Johan van Benthem.

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Table of Contents


  1. A whirlwind history, and changes in perspective
Core Concepts
  1. Basic language and semantics
  2. Expressive power and invariance
  3. Validity and decidability
  4. Axioms, proofs, and completeness
  5. Computation and complexity
Basic Theory
  1. Classical translation and expressive power
  2. Increasing deductive power: the landscape of modal logics
  3. What axioms say: frame correspondence
  4. Descriptive power: extended modal languages
  5. ‘The next level’: modal predicate logic
Selected applications
  1. Epistemic logic
  2. Doxastic and conditional logic
  3. Dynamic logic of action

  1. Dynamic logic of information
  2. Preference and deontic logic
  3. Modal logic and games
  4. The structure and flow of time
  5. Modal patterns in space
  6. Provability logic
  7. Modal patterns in space
Recent theoretical themes
  1. Fixed-points, computation, and equilibrium           
  2. Issues in information dynamics
  3. System combination and undecidability
  4. Abstract model theory
  5. Proof and incompleteness
  1. Re-examining first-order logic
  • A crash course in first-order logic
  • Answers to selected exercises