Eredoctoraat Barbara Partee



During the 386th Dies Natalis (birthday) of the University of Amsterdam Prof. Barbara Partee will receive an honorary doctorate for the crucial role she played in the development of the formal semantics of natural language. The Honorary Supervisors are Prof. Sonja Smets, professor of Logic and Epistemology, and Prof. Martin Stokhof, professor of Philosophy of Language.

The Dies celebration will be held in the Aula of the UvA, Singel 411, Amsterdam on Monday, 8 January from 15:00 to 17:00. A reception will be held immediately afterwards in the Maagdenhuis foyer.

The day after the the honorary doctorate is awarded, on the 9th of January 2018, a workshop will be organised to mark this special occasion. We offer a broad programme covering recent work in a variety of topics including computational linguistics, temporal semantics,  formal semantics and it's history, linguistics and its experimental study and connections to argumentation theory.

With this occasion we are honouring Barbara Partee's work and contributions to this interdisciplinary and floroushing field. We warmly welcome everyone to attend our workshop.

In addition, Barbara Partee will give a lecture on recent work on possessive constructions, and a discussion session will be held where ILLC students have the opportunity to ask Barbara Partee questions on various topics. Read more about this here.