The Fourth International Tbilisi Symposium
on Language, Logic and Computation
Batumi 1999 and Borjomi 2001

1999 Batumi Conference Proceedings

Rusudan Asatiani. Markedness and the Dominant Category.

G. Chikoidze, E.Dokvadze, L. Godabrelidze. Semantics of Russian verbal prefixes: v(o)-/vy- (in/out).

Ian Hodkinson. Aspects of Relation Algebras.

Marine Ivanishvili and Ether Soselia. A Morphological Structure and Semantics of the Georgian So-called Passive Forms.

Zaal Kikvidze and Revaz Tchantouria. Joint Parameterization of Honorifics and Terms of Address in Kartvelian Languages.

Anja Latrouite and Ralf Naumann. An Interpretation of Nominative Arguments, Voice-Affixes and Verb Stems in Tagalog.

L. Margvelani. A Subsystem Analyzing Georgian Word-Forms and Its Application to Spell-checking.

Igor M. Melcuk. Zero Sign in Morphology.

Ralf Naumann and Rainer Osswald. A Dynamic Modal Arrow Logic for the Analysis of Aspectual Phenomena in Natural Language.

Alain Lecomte and Christian Retore. A Minimal Logic for Minimalism.

Nana Shengelaia. On the General Semantics of Empty Words.

The 2001 Borjomi Conference Proceedings

Gabor Alberti, Kata Balogh and Judit Kleiber. GELEXI Project: Prolog Implementation of a Totally Lexicalist Grammar.

Maria Aloni and Robert van Rooy. Topical Domain Restrictions.

Rusudan Asatiani. Conceptual Structure of Reflexive and Middle. (On the Georgian Data).

Johan van Benthem. Logical Construction Games.

Howard Gregory. Relevance Semantics: an Approach to Intensionality.

Marine Ivanishvili and Ether Soselia. On Morpho-Syntax and Semantics of the Georgian Passive Constructions.

Gerhard Jaeger. On Relational Interpretation of Multimodal Categorial Logics.

Giorgi Japaridze. What is the Real Logic of Games after All.

Tadeusz Litak. A Continuum of Incomplete Intermediate Logics.

L. Margvelani and L.Samsonadze. Linguistic Processors and Their Application to a Georgian Text to Speech System.

Nadia Nedjah and Luiza de Macedo Mourelle. A Structured Functional Programming Language.

Marie Nilsenov\'{a}. Reasoning about Updates.

Maia Sackokia. New Analytical Perfects in Modern Georgian.

Siamak Rezaei. A Communicating Process Model of Language.

Pieter A.M. Seuren. Existential Import.

Dorit Ben Shalom. Completeness and Decidability of the Logic of Relativized End-extension Set Algebras.

Henk Zeevat and Gerhard Jaeger. A Reinterpretation of Syntactic Alignment.