1st GPMR Workshop on Logic & Semantics

Medieval Logic and Modern Applied Logic

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany

June 28-30, 2007

Proceedings Volume

We intend to publish the proceedings of GPMR-LS1 in a volume in the book series Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales -- Bibliotheca. The volume is tentatively entitled Modern Views of Medieval Logic.

All speakers at GPMR-LS1 are cordially invited to submit a paper to this proceedings volume (including authors of accepted papers that were not able to attend the conference). Note that all of the papers (including invited talks) will be individually refereed to international journal standards by external and anonymous referees -- in particular, it can (and most likely will) happen that we have to reject submissions to our proceedings volume.

We would like to give you three months to prepare your paper versions of the talks, i.e., until OCTOBER 4th, 2007. Please send your submissions as PDF files (no specific formatting required at this stage) to S.L.Uckelman@uva.nl.

The following authors have indicated their willingness to submit a paper for our proceedings volume:

(final version received)
Fabrizio Amerini, Massimo Mugnai Franciscus de Prato on Reduplication 15 06 October 2007 Accepted
(09 Nov 09)
Laurent Cesalli, Frederic Goubier Anton Marty on Naming (nennen) and Meaning (bedeuten): A Comparison with Medieval Supposition Theory 21 10 October 2007 Accepted
(31 Dec 09)
Catarina Dutilh Novaes Ockham's supposition theory as a forerunner of computational semantics 24 21 September 2007 Accepted
(17 Dec 09)
Petr Dvořák Divine Predetermination in Thomism: Infallibility and Necessity 6 04 October 2007 Accepted
(30 Nov 09)
Sten Ebbesen Modi Significandi in logic and grammar 14 28 May 2008 Accepted
(10 Jun 10)
Simo Knuuttila Three Medieval Theories of Modal Syllogistic 18 12 October 2007 Accepted
(07 Dec 09)
Peter Øhrstrøm Richard of Lavenham's Analysis of the Future Contingency Problem Represented in Terms of Modern Tempo-modal Logic 14 27 November 2007 Accepted
(26 Dec 09)
Terry Parsons, Calvin Normore Billingham and Buridan on the Foundations of Syllogistic Reasoning 20 21 September 2007 Accepted
(15 Jun 10)
Stephen Read Thomas Bradwardine and Epistemic Paradox 20 04 October 2007 Accepted
(29 Jun 10)
Greg Restall Truth-tellers in Bradwardine's theory of truth 10 06 December 2007 Accepted
(11 Jun 10)
Sara L. Uckelman, Jaap Maat, Katherina Rybalko The art of doubting in Obligationes Parisienses 16 05 November 2007 Accepted
(31 Dec 09)
Thomas M. Ward Logic and ontological commitment: St. Vincent's theory of natural supposition 17 19 July 2007 Accepted
(02 Dec 09)
Elia Zardini The role of utterances in Bradwardine's theory of truth 38 29 October 2008 Accepted