B: Now,
A: None of this, -
B: I firmly believe in that
B: because when you get the most heinous of crimes, have you ever noticed you always get the most renowned defense attorney?
A: Oh, yeah.
B: And here's this bum that didn't have a job --
A: Yeah.

B: So, yeah,
B0: there's a variety,
B1: you just don't see it anywhere else, as far as the different styles in the houses and whatnot.
A: Now, why couldn't your wife run around the golf course?
A: Is that not good?
B: Oh, she could, a little bit.
B: We, -

A: yeah,
A: now if we have any, like the birds will pick or something, you know,
A: and some of the seeds drop.
A: Have you ever had them just come up in different places?
B: Uh-huh.
A: I know, we do that, too, you know,
A: and at the first year, -

A: Uh, we do too.
A: We do the same.
B: Yeah.
A: What are your favorite places?
B: Um, well, I like Chinese food.
A: Uh-huh.
B: Um, there's a little place down on, what is that? Coit Road, um, Chinese Pavilion or something.

B: I said, now you do like cats, right.
B: We don't li-, -
A: Have you seen those, uh, -
A: do you ever read COSMO.
B: Yes,
B: uh-huh.
A: There was cartoon in COSMO about a year or two ago

B: -- I mean, it's like, if you plan a year ahead, you can probably save up seven hundred dollars --
A: Yeah.
B: -- you know, one thousand four hundred dollars to send your child to college, you know.
A: What are you learning to be?
B: Oh, oh, excuse me?
A: What degree, I mean, what are you wanting to do after you get out of college?
B: Well, I, I'm doing computer science, computer engineering.

A: it's no big deal.
B: That's it?
A: Yeah.
B: Now if you, if you pay your monthly charge, do you then pay separately for classes your taking?
A: Uh, you do for classes, for classes,
A: but to, I mean to use any of the facilities is, is no extra charge.
B: God, that's cheap.

B: Uh-huh.
A: -- you know, we'll just have to wait and see whether that's approved or not.
B: [Laughter].
A: You know, I don't know your feelings toward that.
A: I guess we shouldn't get into that
A: but,
B: [Laughter].

A: That's why I'm not a boss, I guess [laughter].
B: [Laughter] Yeah.
A: I mean I don't know, um.
A: What other, what other type of benefits do they have that, I mean, Canadian based companies .
A: They have to be a little bit different than the American, um.
B: Yeah,
B: they are as far as their like pension plans ,

B: That's right,
B: that's right.
A: Yeah.
A: Well, do you still do much work on them, then?
B: I do.
B: Th-, -
B: act-, th-, actually that was just a, at, at the beginning of September

B: So, you know, yo-, -
A: [Throat_clearing].
B: h-, -
B: [noise] when was the last time you took out, took your truck out just to, just to go driving?
A: [Laughter].
B: Yeah.
A: No [throat_clearing].

B: Is that right [laughter].
B: Where do you go?
A: Uh --
B: What type of vacation?
A: -- well, it really depends,
A: I mean, uh, [[pause]] seems like I do a lot in the Midwest lately,
A: uh, my, uh, fiancee's family's from Wisconsin --

A: and most juries over a period of five or ten years you might sit on three.
B: Yeah
B: and, -
A: And so how do you relate as to whether this particular armed robbery was a, you know, worth five years or twenty-five.
B: Right,
B: that's, -
B: yeah.

A: Uh-huh.
B: -- and we have a three bedroom house.
B: And it's pretty much filled up right now.
A: Oh, so you want a bigger one.
B: Yeah,
B: uh-huh.
B: Get an extra bedroom or a basement.

A: Yeah.
B: How about Pennsyl-, -
A: I think you are, I think you are earlier than we are, as a rule, aren't you?
A: Your, your, your s-, growing Summer starts a lot earlier than ours.
B: It starts in, uh, March as a rule.
A: Uh-huh.
A: See that is quite a bit, -

A: -- and, uh, I learned to, -
A: I used the wrong kind of paint.
A: This wasn't, must have not been a very good quality, because it just hasn't stood up very well.
B: What kind of paint?
A: It was a latex paint, paint,
A: it was flat --
B: Uh-huh.

A: Uh-huh.
B: -- the news and, and everything.
A: Yeah,
A: what's your favorite news,
A: do you get a news magazine
A: or, -
B: Um, well, I'm not getting an-, -

B: Hi,
B: well, I guess, -
B: w-, which one have you got right now?
B: Or, -
A: Well, I, uh, -
A: couple of them,

B: In a lot of cases I think you're treated more like a number instead of a, a person.
A: Uh-huh.
B: Because when it come down to layoff, they don't really consider people and, and, you know, their well being as far as, you know, how they going, their next dollar going to come in.
B: How they going to pay their bills.
B: They just lay them off.
A: Yeah.
B: And I was reading this book one time about this guy that had, uh, -

A: go ahead,
A: I'm going to hit the button [beep].
A: Okay, um,
A: do you think that the Soviet Union represents a threat to us?
B: I think they'll always represent a threat wheth-, whether or not there's an active cold war or not. Uh,
B: it's, it's a totally different economy based on different beliefs, and, and, uh, different priorities,
B: and, uh, given the, the, uh, military powers on both sides, I think it's always a threat.

A: I suspect it's probably some crazy man like Saddam Hussein --
B: Right.
A: -- who's our biggest threat,
A: but, um, I wonder if they're, I wonder how much of a threat they are.
A: I agree with you that, that they'll always be somewhat of a threat given that they have, that there's just, it's just so big,
A: and there's just so much military machine there.
B: Uh-huh,

A: -- but I think I'm not sure if it's by law just,
A: otherwise I think the practice has basically been eliminated asking for a phone number.
B: Well, that's the thing I hated too about, uh, Radio Shack.
A: # How did Radio Shack work? #
B: # If you go in and buy # anything they want your phone number.
B: And I don't think they're going to call me and ask me how it's functioning,
B: and, and I don't give that out.

A: and it just seems so funny to me that, when I grew up in Missouri, -
A: and you didn't have to worry about growing grass there.
A: It just happened automatically.
B: So do you have to get a shade tolerant grass?
B: Is that what you're, -
A: Yes.
A: We are.

A: It, uh, well, you know, it's just, it was just a completely different world then.
B: Yeah.
B: So, uh, so yo-, you used your son's Macintosh then?
B: Do you, do you find it, do you like that kind of computer?
A: I like it,
A: yeah.
A: I like it from a distance really.

B: the classes here are pretty big,
B: so, it's hard to get individual help [throat_clearing].
B: It's kind of, you're on your own [laughter].
A: Do you get, uh, a lot of tutoring,
A: or. -
B: No [laughter].
B: Very little, I mean,

A: I either want to do it in the fall or spring.
B: Right.
B: Right.
A: You know?
B: Definitely when it's cool.
A: Yes.
B: Well, have you done much camping around Texas?

A: Uh-huh.
B: And, um, I went to court
B: and you can even get a trial by jury for a traffic ticket.
A: You're kidding.
B: No.
B: And I thought, my God talk about tieing up things for, for, - *typo -] tying
A: Yes,

B: Yeah.
A: -- and, uh, I took sailing lessons when I was about six
A: and then, uh [sniffing], -
B: Is it pretty easy?
A: Yeah,
A: it, it's kind of a thing where you get the hang of it after a while, you know, uh, just kind of get a feel for the wind and how it works and, and the physics behind it.
B: Yeah.

A: yeah.
B: They're certainly legal,
B: but they're certainly not healthy.
A: Well, have we come up with a solution yet, Salina?
B: No,
B: not that I know of [laughter].
A: [Laughter].

B: I think that's really important,
A: Yeah.
B: and we've already started about, -
B: you know, I mean, how young can they start T-Ball and soccer? [Laughter].
A: Right [laughter].
B: You know, I mean, I just, -
B: you know, we both think of that that as just so important,

A: like or-, orchestra players can find a job sometimes [noise] [[telephone line noise]] in Europe when they can't find one here.
B: Uh-huh.
A: And I'm a trumpet player.
B: Are you a teacher?
A: Uh, no,
A: I, uh, I don't any more.
A: I just went to school

A: And, uh, we had a restaurant called La Bamba
A: but it's just, it closed recently.
A: But Chi Chi's is a national restaurant, I think.
A: Isn't it Mexican?
B: # I think, #
A: # Do you # have it there?
B: think it might be.

A: [Laughter].
B: Come on guys,
B: this is crummy.
A: So how are you supposed to expect to stay number one when you're behind the times in technology.
B: Yeah,
B: yeah.
B: We're pushing real hard though.

A: It gets, ya-, -
B: And June, July, August are, you know, -
B: most of the, those kind of plants just, are just barely staying alive, let alone make flowers.
A: Do you have a lot of shade trees around your house
A: or is it, -
B: Uh, we're in a relatively new area.
B: We're kind of out of, uh, the natural tree area.

B: Okay.
B: Fantastic. # Uh # --
A: # Yeah. #
A: What do you do?
B: -- I'm a doctoral student at the University of Central Florida.
A: Oh, really.
B: Yeah,

B: They say it has really made a difference, though.
A: Huh-uh.
B: Now, see, we don't have that here, yet.
A: Oh, you don't.
B: No,
B: we don't have that testing in that down here, yet.
A: Huh-uh.

A: [laughter] I meant comparable.
A: My brain is going to mush.
B: Uh-huh.
A: And what do you work on at T I?
B: I'm a computer programmer --
A: Uh-huh.
B: -- on the I B M main frames.

B: [Throat_clearing].
A: giving for a couple years of their lives or, or, uh, a honestly purely giving but, but some sort of equitable exchange, then at least the country would have gotten two years from them where, um, they would have given something to the country instead of take, taking away all their lives.
B: Yeah,
B: are, are you suggesting then that if, if, uh, if I have to go and, and do something for the country for two years that the country will compensate me in some way.
A: Uh,
B: I , I will be compensated for this,
B: I'm not just going to, -

B: Yeah.
A: Okay,
A: you first on the subject,
A: wha-, what do you think, about Latin America?
B: Uh, let's see,
B: the subject is, Latin America.
A: Latin America,

B: so I, my, my vast experience of home, home owner's knowledge is not very much.
B: So it's just what I have to do, more or less, around the house, you know, for my parents
B: so. -
A: Did you, you framed it in f-, uh, on, on, you framed in new square footage
A: or was it stuff that was already, uh, # enclosed? #
B: # It was brand # new.
A: Brand new # . #

A: -- and a lot of them stayed in the neighborhood --
B: Uh-huh.
A: -- because, um, -
B: And how do you spell that breed?
A: It's B I C H O N F R I S E.
B: F R I S E.
B: And how do you pronounce that?

B: But I think the script was, you know, just incredible compared to the last one.
A: Yeah,
A: FIVE was, the script was bad, bad, bad [laughter].
B: Well, you know why?
A: No,
A: I don't.
A: Why?

A: Okay,
A: so you said that you live in Coppell.
B: Uh-huh.
A: So what is your house like?
B: It's a two bedroom, two baths duplex.

B: Um, well, I really can't say for certain, truth be known.
B: Uh, as it stands, there's, there's many ways and means by which a person can be set up, both, uh, in a civil, uh, civil and criminal case.
B: I mean, the, uh, documentary, the THIN BLUE LINE pretty much demonstrated that.
B: You know, I don't know for, if you're familiar with that or not.
A: No,
A: I'm not.
B: A, uh, fellow [breathing] when he was much younger, uh, was tried and convicted and sentenced to death.

B: we take the kids to the park,
B: and, uh, you know, [baby_crying] whenever we, he, my husband has time off or something, we take them to the zoo,
B: or we, you know, we do everything we can possibly as a family.
A: Do you work outside the home?
B: No,
B: I don't.
A: Yeah,

B: Right.
B: That sounds interesting.
A: Uh-huh.
B: Um, does, does he ever, uh, refinish furniture or anything like that?
A: Oh, yeah,
A: sometimes,
A: but it's not one of my favorite things, especially from the vapors,

B: Oh, you must live in this area.
A: then I'm going to go to Sulphur Springs.
A: Yeah,
A: where are you?
B: We're in Sherman.
A: Okay.
A: So we're in Garland.

B: he should put enough in there that goes back into paying for that policeman being out there.
A: Uh-huh.
B: So it's self defen-, you know, self-defense on that point.
B: Uh, as far as my defense budget, uh, they're cutting it back now, what, twenty-five percent?
B: I wouldn't want to see it cut any more than that.
A: Yeah.
B: But again I'd like to see something on the other [laughter] end back into education. But not in the education we have today.

A: Right,
A: where you're getting into the delicate work.
B: That's right.
A: Now, do you, where did you first get your lessons from?
B: In Abilene, Texas.
A: Through a, uh, an adult ed, or strictly a china type,
B: She just taught china painting.

B: [Noise] Yeah.
B: It, it's one of those necessities of life that we all have to, you know , pay taxes but, although it is kind of a pain sometimes though.
A: [Children] It's just scary though about, you know. -
A: How high are the taxes going to be when my children are my age?
B: Uh-huh.
A: You know, that, that's, that's scary too.
B: Uh-huh.

A: Which I was kind of leaning toward anyway, to tell you the truth.
B: Well, I mean, and it's, uh, uh, -
B: I don't know,
B: what do you, what do you think of Incaviglia's loss.
A: I kind of think it was necessary,
A: I mean, I, i-, i-, I don't, I'm not a, a big, um, pure power hitter anyway.
A: I mean, I don't like these guys that get up there and swing for the downs every time.

B: But, but there goes that motivation thing again [laughter].
A: Right.
A: Well, I enjoy playing with my cats.
A: I don't know if you'd call that a hobby,
A: but I have two cats,
A: and I gave them a bath tonight,
A: so they're a little bit angry at me [laughter].

B: I think exercise is extremely important
B: and I I do exercise on a regular basis.
A: You do?
A: What type of exercise do you do?
B: Well, I do, uh, jazzercise --
A: Oh you do.
B: -- which is an aerobic, uh, [smack] program that, -

B: Uh-huh.
A: Most, -
B: But why?
B: Why is it happening?
A: Well, most families, most families are young
A: and both people are working.
B: Uh-huh.

A: Yeah,
A: I'm not even sure what their interest rate is since I pay it off [laughter]
A: but you know, -
B: Is that the one from Sears?
A: Uh, I think Sears originally --
B: Okay.
A: -- put it out,

B: but it, it was, uh, a way of, uh, triggering, uh, awareness.
A: Right,
A: right.
B: So what's the conditions like in Dallas?
A: Well, uh, in Dallas, I, I haven't seen air pollution quite on a, quite on a level that we had in Denver.
A: I grew up in Denver,
A: and, and I've lived there most of my life,

B: I was going to say, it must have been Wal-Mart.
A: Yes [laughter].
B: [Laughter].
A: And, uh, well, have you been buying any clothes lately? Any new clothes?
B: I haven't bought any new clo-, -
B: well the last thing I bought was a dress last Summer.
B: And the buttons turned on it ove-, over the winter.

A: # makes you sick, doesn't it?
B: Yeah.
A: [Laughter].
B: You hear what, you hear what, you hear what he did.
A: [Laughter] Yes.
B: He ramming his wife's car,
B: and I was like, yeah.

B: What are your m-, music interests?
A: Uh, just about any kind of music except acid rock [static],
B: [Laughter].
A: I, I don't care,

B: no,
B: they have their own budget they go by.
A: But isn't it part of our income,
A: it's not part of our taxes?
B: No.
A: It's not?
B: That's why the price of mailing a letter keeps going up.

A: Well, what are your hobbies?
B: Well, actually my hobbies now are T shirt making.
B: I'm making T shirts and sweat shirts.
B: In fact that's what I was doing when you called.

A: but [rustling] [inhaling] it, you are trying to avoid paying taxes
A: and whe-, whether or not you agree with that law, i-, you're still circumventing it.
A: You are legal in, in your circumvention of that law.
B: What, what if you're not doing it in order to circumvent the law though?
B: I mean what if you don't even realize that you're subject to paying, uh, income tax on something that you purchase mail order?
A: Really, I, I, I don't think that's a valid argument.
A: I think that most people are quite aware they're not paying that six percent sales tax.

B: We, we do, uh, um, well we use a one mill bond wire or one point five mill co-, bond wire on --
A: Right.
B: -- on semiconductor devices.
B: And well, what's a mill
B: and ... -
A: Yeah,
A: yeah.

A: And so, I, I was real, real pleased with that.
A: That worked out so well.
B: Yeah.
B: So did you drum up any interest then
B: or,
A: I think so.
B: Well, that's good.

B: and my dog thinks he's a mother turtle,
A: [Laughter].
B: and always has his nose all around my turtle box,
B: so do you have any pets now?
A: Yes,
A: um, we have one dog, a Bichon Frise.
A: Um, our friends in Houston bred the dogs.

A: Well, [lipsmack] anyway I, uh, [breathing] I, uh, oh, -
A: yeah.
A: I did forget to ask you.
A: What is your name by the way?
B: Uh, I'm Ann.
A: Oh, you're Ann.
A: Hi.

A: And we could get more bedrooms per square foot that way.
B: Have you, um, found in talking to your neighbors that your utilities are quite a bit higher with those high ceilings?
A: Mine are actually the lowest in the neighborhood.
B: Are they?
A: Yeah.
B: Uh-huh.
B: Well, I would expect so.

A: I, I,
B: [Sniffing].
A: I like different types of food.
B: So where are your, what are the places, you know, memorable places you've eaten?
A: Uh, oh you na-, okay you name it.
A: Let's see,
A: you've got one down in, uh, down near, uh, Addison,

A: e-, -
A: a review usually won't make me go see a movie I hadn't already wanted to see.
B: Yeah.
B: Did you see GOODFELLAS?
A: No,
A: it's o-, uh, -
A: I want to see it.

B: I do.
A: Uh-huh.
B: And I'm, I'm down in the, the central,
B: but I don't know how familiar you are with Texas,
B: but I'm in a, we live in a town, uh, near a town called Temple.
A: [Baby] Um.
B: Which is right in between Waco and Austin on the freeway.

A: Uh-huh.
A: Yeah,
A: that sounds great.
A: Did, did it have something to mention about, uh, sort of, uh, cultural rituals of, of manhood?
B: Yes.
A: Okay.
A: Yeah,

A: Yeah.
B: -- because I was shocked.
A: I know exactly how you feel.
B: You know what I'm saying.
A: That's right.
A: I, uh, when I first moved down here, moved into the apartment and got cable, and I guess I sort of, kind of became numb.
B: Uh-huh.

A: Right.
A: I mean, they are not learning how to, uh, well, like boundaries. -
A: I mean, I do not, I see it in work place too, sometimes.
A: I do not know how old you are,
A: but you sound a little bit [laughter] younger than me.
A: But, I am in my thirties,
A: and I, uh, I see, uh, even people that work with me that are ten years younger.

A: What [laughter]?
B: Yeah [laughter].
A: [Laughter].
B: So you have never heard of like the Christian music that I listen to probably.
A: Oh, I've heard a little bit of it.
A: I've just, -
B: Like have you heard of, uh, [smack] of Carmen?

B: Well. -
A: What do you think would be required, and so forth?
B: Uh, I'll tell you,
B: I, I watched what went on, um, with the TWENTY TWENTY show, I don't know if you saw that a few days ago [child_talking] that, that talked about nursing homes,
B: and actually they specifically talked about some in the area where I am, here in Texas,
B: and -- -
A: Oh, you knew of the [child_talking] homes, then.

A: They keep it at eighty-one degrees year-round.
B: Huh.
B: He-, -
B: do you use that facility a lot?
A: Um, a fairly, a fairly good amount, uh, more on the weekends,
A: uh, I try to beat the traffic in the mornings when I workout in the mornings, I try to come down to the Dallas Fitness Center.
B: Huh.

A: There always seems to be that kind of value in there somewhere.
B: Yeah,
B: I, I agree.
B: Uh, do you like the sports programming?
A: Yeah,
A: uh-huh.
B: Um, I, I enjoy those also, almost as, as much to a certain extent.

B: I think that Discover Card has a good idea with, you know, giving you a little cash back incentive for each amount you, you purchase. As long as you don't go crazy trying to get cash back.
A: Uh-huh.
B: And since they don't have the yearly fee.
A: Do they charge a lot of interest on that card?
B: I don't know.
A: I don't, -
B: I've never, I haven't gotten one.

A: All right?
B: Yes.
A: Okay.
A: How many kids do you have? [laughter].
B: [Laughter] I think w-, I think we're going to talk about parents spending time with their children.
B: We,
A: # Right. #

A: Uh, no,
A: Italian is fine.
A: I make it a habit of always going out to Pasta Oggi's which is right down there in Ad-, -
B: Do you like, like Southwestern?
A: Oh, yeah.
B: Well, now there's a good place in Addison too called Blue Mesa Grill --
A: All right.

A: Uh-huh.
B: -- on a, on a hook, but never the snakes.
B: They just kind of, -
A: Are they poisonous snakes?
B: Uh, we have a lot of cotton mouth,
B: so yes
B: they are, definitely --

B: About one o'clock is when our meetings start.
B: And, uh, -
A: Oh, well, this is of the mornings.
B: It is in the morning?
A: Uh, around nine or ten I think.
A: It is before one of the, I think it is before the First Baptist in Sherman airs.
B: Okay.

B: Um, she didn't up until the last, oh, six months.
A: Uh-huh.
B: Um.
A: She just recently started working then.
B: [Smack] She just recently,
A: Uh-huh.
B: started working.

A: Okay.
B: So, what are your favorite shows?
A: Um, I like watching COLOMBO and, um, MATLOCK and --
B: Oh, really?

B: -- I don't, I don't think that you can have, I mean, there's no way I could have a career and then be the kind of mom that I want to be --
A: Yeah.
B: -- and to me that's more important.
A: Ho-, how many kids do you have?
B: Two.
A: Two?
B: Uh-huh.

A: but, -
B: So that, uh, -
B: you get some, -
B: the color doesn't really matter for, because you have that light.
A: Yeah.
A: We have a lot of light,
A: yeah.

B: Homes,
B: yes, sir,
B: uh-huh.
B: What are, are you settled in a place?
A: Yeah,
A: I'm settled in a place.
A: I've been in it for twelve years, since nineteen, uh, actually thirteen years, since nineteen seventy-eight

A: and it blew out all the fuses.
B: Oh, no [laughter].
A: Yeah.
B: How much was the alternator?
A: Uh, I bel-, something like sixty-nine dollars, som-, something on that order.
B: Did he, did he hook up the wir-, wiring wrong?
A: No,

A: and, uh --
B: Um.
A: -- what exactly do we, you know, do we see about this world,
A: or why are we so fascinated with the other world.
A: Is it supposed to be better?
B: The other world,
B: yeah.

B: It's not like it's really entrenched other, you know. -
B: A lot of stuff, -
A: Let's see,
A: how many cups equal that?
B: [Laughter].
A: I, I have no idea.
A: I just, uh, -

B: Well, what is your newspaper?
B: That is the WASHINGTON POST --
A: Right.
B: -- is that correct?
B: I have read that when we were in that area,
B: and it is a splendid newspaper.
A: Uh-huh.

B: -- difficult on them.
B: So. -
A: Yeah.
A: Well what do you think's going to happen in the next generation?
A: You think it'll continue?
B: Well, it's going to be interesting.
A: Yeah.

B: That's right.
B: I think that's, -
B: and, and the other side of the coin is, um, people saying, well, if I really like the underdog candidate, I still think they're not going to win,
B: so are only the same two caucuses, certainly not going to win, why bother voting for him.
B: So. I thi-, I think that's a big, uh, a big, a big reason for it.
B: How abou-, -
A: Oh, I think so, too.

B: [Laughter].
A: But, uh, -
B: I, I, I worked on some of it at T I --
A: Oh, have you.
B: -- once upon a time.
B: Yeah.
A: So what do you know about it.

B: All righty.
B: So, uh, do you think Russia's still a threat?
A: Well, I guess I'm maybe naive,
A: but I never did feel that Russia was a big threat to us.
B: There you go [TV].

A: and my husband's working at Bell Labs,
A: but he's really from France,
A: and these computers actually are from France.
B: What brand are they?
A: One of them's a Compaq --
B: Uh-huh.
A: -- it's a three eighty-six --

B: And, and is this your first that you're having?
A: Uh-huh.
B: Oh, okay,
B: well, then I don't know how much you've been through it,
B: but I think parts of it made a lot easier.
B: And, I've talked to a lot of ladies that exercise with one pregnancy and didn't with the other,
B: and they said that they had ex-, that the one they had exercised with was three or four times easier.

A: how wa-, -
A: I'm just real curious.
A: How was the Middle East in terms of that with children?
A: Is that, is child care or that type of idea completely foreign to them?
B: No.
B: Well, actually there was a daycare center, uh, where my son did go for a year.
B: I think from when he was two to three.

A: I don't blame you, not nowadays.
B: I haven't quite adjusted, you know?
A: Yeah.
A: Now are you with T I down there?
B: Well, I, I was with T I until January.
B: I, uh, I left T I in January hoping to strike out and find a job where I could make some money.
A: Good.

B: Yeah,
B: it's, uh, it's only like eleven hundred square feet.
A: Oh, uh-huh.
A: Do you, do you have children?
B: Just one.
A: Just one.
B: Yeah.

A: Right.
B: -- are us and them,
B: and, and the great powers are always pitted against each other.
A: But I wonder how much longer they're going to be a them.
B: I don't know [laughter].
B: They, they're going downhill pretty steady.
A: Yeah.

B: -- uh, and what it really means [clicking] to vote
B: and [barking] we also don't make the, uh, the issues perhaps in language that people fully understand them.
A: Yeah.
A: Well I don't know how it is up there
A: but down here, Louisiana has a bad reputation for their politicians and all.
B: Uh-huh.
A: I mean, I'm sure you heard # about # --

B: and it'll, you know, pass out,
A: Uh-huh.
B: and it's, you know, it's killed several people.
A: Do you, uh, smoke?
B: Um, actually, I'm a very, I just smoke one in the evening if that.
B: So, I'm a very, very light smoker.
A: W-, yeah,

B: so that's really what I like better,
B: is that kind of music [laughter],
B: I mean, -
A: Is it disco,
A: or is it like, -
B: No,
B: no,

B: but [laughter]. -
A: [Laughter] I could deal with a hot tub.
A: Those are nice.
B: So, what part of Mississippi are you from?
A: I'm from Laurel.
B: Whereabouts is that?
A: That's way down towards the south.

B: the difference, yeah, the difference could be that for, uh, state, if there is such a thing, state felonies versus federal felonies that federal, things that are under federal jurisdiction require the unanimous [inhaling] vote,
B: and things that are under state jurisdiction, even criminal don't require, -
B: but I don't know what the, [inhaling] the laws, -
B: do you think that that's an unreasonable, uh, requirement that they be unanimous?
A: Well, I'd be curious as to what the, uh, requirement for a, an acquittal is.
A: And I, I don't think it would be wrong to say that eleven out of twelve can convict if there were something corresponding saying that if, you know, six or seven voted not guilty, then instead of it being a hung jury, that was an acquittal.
A: But I don't know whether you need an, a unanimous, uh, vote of not guilty to acquit.

B: no one wants to be at downtown Dallas much.
A: Yeah,
A: but there sure are a lot of people that work down there.
B: Is the crime rate still bad?
A: Definitely.
A: And I went down there a couple, maybe three weeks ago for a trial,
A: and, I mean, all these people were standing up, that was, you know, during the workday all along the cur-, streets,

A: Yeah,
A: that's right,
A: # that's right. #
B: # What, uh, # grade is your daughter in?
A: My, my daughter's in the, um, fourth grade --
B: Uh-huh,
B: uh-huh.

B: And I'm not saying that, oh, -
B: I guess I am kind of saying, what, what are we doing?
B: I mean I guess that's the same thing you were saying.
B: What, what are we doing with these people?
A: Ha-, -
B: They're there, -
B: we should either take some kind of action,

A5: I think tickets are, -
B: Again.
A: Yeah.
B: What are they going up to, thirty bucks or something?
A: Thirty, or thirty-two for really good tickets.
A: See, they, they sectioned it out even more.
A: They used to just have like, uh, -

A: Uh, generally we just go on family vacations to Arizona.
A: My grandparents live there.
A: That's generally our usual summer vacation.
B: Where in Arizona?
A: Uh, Tempe.
B: Okay,
B: I've never been to Tempe.

A: [Beep] Okay.
A: Uh, do you own a P C by the way?
A: I'm guessing you probably do.
B: I don't have one in my home here.
B: My, um, [lipsmack] parents have one
B: and they live just about three miles away,

A: I, -
A: if I, you know, if I happen to find it, I'll go ahead and read it someplace, you know, if I'm in a doctor's office or something like that
A: but other than that I never, I never liked that really.
B: Do you read a newspaper?
A: I read my newspaper.
B: # [Laughter]. #
A: # I can hardly # wait in the mornings for the # newspaper # --

B: [Laughter] So we have four altogether, too.
A: Okay.
B: Yeah.
B: Are you, are you running ragged these days?
A: Well, no,
A: because mine are all grown [laughter].
B: Oh, they are.

B: and I haven't.
B: Like, I haven't been down south.
B: I'd like to go to New Orleans.
B: Have you been there?
A: I haven't.
A: Where, where do you live?
B: We, I live in Yakima, Washington.

B: So do you like romantic music?
A: Well, that is what, that is mostly the rest of good trumpet marks are romantic music, Mahler and Ruckner and Strauss [music].
B: Uh-huh [noise].
B: Do you like opera?
A: Uh, I like, I am liking it more and more now.
B: Uh-huh.
A: Getting use to it [noise].

A: Where do you wo-,
B: I live in Arlington.
A: I wonder if we talked before.
B: Where do you live?
A: I'm in Garland.
B: No, uh,
B: well, -

A: Good.
A: Well as a matter of fact I'm, before we started this conversation I was working on my P C at home.
B: Yeah.
A: Do you have one?
B: No,
B: I don't have one at home.
B: I work with one on, at work --

B: Uh, well, see, I went there when I was in high school, actually --
A: Uh-huh.
B: -- and I mostly went to Germany and visited some friends of my family and, uh, hung out with them, worked a bit on one of their farms and also went to a youth camp.
A: What did you do on the farm?
B: Uh, uh, uh, well, not that much [laughter].
B: # Just, uh, # -
A: # Are you just # kind of sight, just kind of, uh, -

A: # I # guess that's something.
B: # Yeah. #
A: # It's # real cute it's got a little vaulted ceiling and mirrored, uh, mirrored, uh, - * 2 slash units?
B: Which one is it?
A: It's Wood, uh,
A: listen to me I can't even think of the name of my own apartment.
A: Woodhollow, -

B: Okay.
B: Yeah,
B: I enjoyed that because it was against the Skins.
A: [Laughter] Well, you don't, uh, you don't like the Skins?
B: Um, no.
B: I, I, I live near Baltimore
B: and, um, [lipsmack] um, I, I really don't like D C a whole lot at all [laughter].

A: And it seems to me [baby] that it's, it's not a totally bad idea,
A: but I don't quite see how they'd make it work.
B: Uh-huh.
A: How would they decide who goes into, uh, building fire breaks in Yosemite National Park and who goes to Saudi Arabia?
B: Right,
B: yeah.
B: I, -

A: well that's, that's the, that's the point we've gotten to, you know.
A: Every time somebody wants something they always turn to the government.
A: And, y-, the government's going to be limited.
A: I, where are they going to get the money?
A: They're going to get it from us.
A: And we can do it a lot more efficiently than the government.
B: Yeah.

A: and they're not, um, high strung or over bred --
B: Oh.
A: -- um.
B: And how big do they get.
A: Ours is, uh, on the small end,
A: and she's about ten pounds,
A: and they range from probably ten to sixteen pounds --

B: I do not like it, you know. I just like a baked, you know, a piece of chicken
B: and then I get like green beans and mashed potatoes.
A: Uh-huh.
B: You know.
A: Yeah.
B: [Throat_clearing].
A: I, I tend to, uh, I get teased by my family a lot, because, uh, I like experimenting on, on food

A: Okay,
A: Martin, do you do any exercise?
B: Yes,
B: I do.
B: Uh, I like to, uh, play basketball and weight lifting.

A: Have you ever lived in that part of the country?
B: No.
B: I haven't.
A: Have you ever visited it?
B: Um, I've visited the Wyoming area.
B: I'm not sure exactly where DANCES WITH WOLVES was filmed.
A: I think it was the black hills of South Dakota.

A: And then they had to fill in little bridges all the way where he, where he had made those moats.
B: What world war do you think they found the experience for that?
A: Uh,
B: Don't you think they learned from the mistakes in Vietnam?
A: W-, -
A: yeah,
A: partially.

A: I guess, uh, uh, it's an easy one for me.
A: I think that's, uh, there's something seriously wrong,
A: yeah.
B: What is it that you are, you know, particularly # upset about? #
A: # Uh, # I guess, uh, I think they've lost their compass
A: and, uh, I'm not sure they know exactly what, uh, uh, public education supposed to be for anymore.
A: But, uh, I voted with my feet

A: Really I don't kn-, -
B: I know,
B: I was,
B: I wondered if, uh, the tribes that they represented the tribe that was the, the evil tribe, if they were really as bad as it made them to be.
A: Well, who knows.
A: I mean it, it, it sort of showed like two different types of tribes
A: like one was a warring tribe,

A: There, okay.
B: Okay.
A: Had to mess with my phone here.
A: Um, do you have children?
B: Yes,
B: I have one.
A: Oh, okay.

A: but, uh, you mentioned, uh, flexible work schedule
A: and that's, that's good.
B: Yeah.
A: And, uh, what other benefits do you think are important?
B: Oh, well, I guess,
A: [Laughter].
B: retirement, that kind of thing which I don't worry much about so [laughter],

A: Hi.
B: Hi.
A: I'm wondering what, what camping means to you.
B: When I think of camping I think of, of bugs [laughter], and sleeping bags and, and tents, uh, like along the Appalachian Trail.
A: Oh, very good.
A: That's sort of the same thing that, that I do.

A: Points.
B: -- point things,
A: Uh-huh.
B: and, uh, I just wondering how I go about getting the cash [laughter].
A: Uh, there's a number that you call,
A: it's the same number that you, that you call to make a call.
B: Oh, okay.

A: Well I usually keep up with news by watching A B C news on television and reading the papers here the local DALLAS MORNING NEWS
A: and then I also take the WALL STREET JOURNAL.
B: Do you get a chance to do it at home
B: or do you mostly like catch up while you're at work?
B: Do you have a chance to look through the WALL STREET JOURNAL?
B: I'm not sure what you do.

A: Uh, like I've got an eighty-six Ford Ranger
A: and, and I know for a fact that the transmission is made by Mitsubishi.
B: Huh.
A: You know, so it's like, what are you going to do, you know?
B: Yeah,
B: really.
A: But, uh, that's the way it is.

A: and you take one that's used to being, uh, busy being, having something to do all the time, it makes a big difference.
B: It's not a problem for my two,
B: they are only eighteen months apart [sigh].
A: uh, keeps you busy.
B: They can find things to do and mess around,
A: Yeah.
B: and plot and scheme and everything else.

A: for the green card.
B: But then, what's the interest?
A: Well, now, that's the card, see.
B: And interest is like eighteen or something.
A: Oh, yeah,
A: yeah.
A: [child_talking] It's, um, -

A: Well, what movies have you seen recently, Valerie?
B: Let's see,
B: the last one we saw was THELMA AND LOUISE.
A: Oh, we haven't seen that one yet.

B: And, you know, the rest of the housekeeping and other meals a day are up to him.
A: Uh-huh.
B: But they do have, you know, group activities going on.
A: How's he handling that?
B: Uh, he'd much rather be living alone in his apartment down in Florida.
A: Uh-huh.
B: Uh, you know, to move into that facility we moved him from Florida up to Maryland

B: No,
B: no,
B: I'm, I'm a transplant.
A: From?
B: From California.
A: So what do you think of the Texas weather?
B: Not as nice as California [laughter].

B: How old are you Lisa?
A: I'm twenty.
B: Okay.
A: How old are you?
B: I'm older.
A: Older [laughter].
B: Older than you are.

A: and three bu-, bu-, you know, four bucks now to get in.
A: And, you know, the hot dogs are a dollar
A: and, and it's # just great. #
B: # Well, how, # like how much is an Oriole game?
A: Oriole game?
A: If you park in the lot across the street from the stadium, it's four bucks.
A: The ticket, the ch-, the cheapest ticket you can normally get is like six fifty to seven fifty.

A: Yes, um,
A: I don't, I see, um, -
A: and, -
B: Which do you work in, excuse me?
A: A government.
B: A government.
A: And I work in academia before.

B: and, um, [lipsmack] and just humidity --
A: Uh-huh.
B: -- you know, just all the time, it's an awfully lot more humid.
A: Are, are you, uh, able to get, uh, sometimes a double crops of, of certain things in your garden?
B: Yes,
B: uh-huh,
B: I think people do.

A: What have you seen recently that you enjoyed?
B: Uh, I don't know, um,
B: actually earlier tonight we were watching TO LIVE AND DIE IN L A
B: Have you seen that movie?
A: No,
A: I haven't.
B: It's a kind of one of those psycho ones.

A: I work off and on just temporarily and usually find friends to babysit,
A: but I don't envy anybody who's in that [laughter] situation to find day care.
B: Yeah.
A: But, does your sister live in a big community?
B: Uh, yeah
B: she lives, -
B: it's a, it's a fairly large community.

A: So, -
B: Been to Hawaii?
A: No,
A: have you?
B: [Breathing] Yes,
B: in fact, I just got some reservations.
B: I'm going to go for, uh, almost two weeks this winter.

A: That's right.
A: It does not make for a happy situation.
A: That's true.
A: Well, do you have any children?
B: I've got one.
A: One child.
A: And they enjoy where they're living?

A: Okay.
A: Do you go camping very much?
B: No,
B: I've haven't gone camping in years.
B: But it's is something that I've done in the past.

B: and in Orlando, there's, crime is getting to be a bigger problem than ever,
B: so. -
A: Oh, # yeah. #
B: # What # part of California # are you from? #
A: # San Jose, # California.
B: Oh, really?
B: # I have a good friend there. #

B: No,
B: see, I haven't seen that one, uh.
A: Have you seen WILD ORCHID?
B: No,
B: is it good?
A: Well, it depends,

B: You know, hike up those mountains --
A: Sure.
B: -- is just really fantastic. Um.
A: Now is there anything, uh, are there any mountains or big rocks a person could hike around this area.
B: I'm not acquainted with any, you know,
B: I, -
B: there's woods and things out in East Texas --

A: # Uh-huh. #
B: That. -
B: So, [smack] I don't know [throat_clearing].
A: So, uh, have you seen any concerts lately?
B: Um. Uh,

B: I don't remember one, from one station to another.
B: I keep forgetting one station.
A: [Laughter].
B: What's your second favorite?
A: Um, it's hard to say
A: [laughter] I'm sort of a very big TWIN PEAKS fan,
A: and beyond that I just sort of watch anything that happens to be on.

B: but I feel almost ashamed to say that to anybody now because I have never met anybody who likes it.
B: Do you by any chance?
A: Oh, yes.
B: You do!
A: Yes,
A: very much.
B: Well, wouldn't you know [laughter].

A: Yeah,
A: I me-, I live in Germantown,
A: and, uh. -
A: Are you, where are you from?
B: Um, uh, I'm in Dallas, Texas.
A: In Dallas,
A: oh.

B: San Antonio has that same problem when the rains come.
B: It's, it's a complete mess, everything floods, all the under passes.
A: Yeah.
B: I didn't realize that Dallas had that same problem.
A: Yeah.
A: We have it,
A: especially as rainy as it's been in the last couple of years.

A: Now, we used to be big time campers
A: but now we're not quite so much since the kids are involved so much in sports.
B: Uh-huh.
B: What type of camping did you do?
A: Well [breathing] when we, before we had kids, we was in a motorcycle group,
B: Uh-huh.
A: you know,

A: all right,
A: so um, I'm going to leave you alone.
A: Uh what, what are you doing?
A: Do you have a family?
B: Uh, yeah.
A: Okay.
B: We're kind of, I was kind of in the middle of supper,

A: No,
A: see, we're not,
A: and, uh. -
B: And she still goes through your clothes?
A: Yeah,
A: she'll take all my shirts and stuff,
A: because she can't wear like my pants --

B: and strange it seems that, uh, -
A: It wasn't such a bad idea?
B: Oh, they're doing some back pedaling.
A: So, have you got, uh, land?
B: No,
B: I'm renting at the time,
B: so. -

A: really have other people's lives in their hands or even their own life [baby]
A: and, you know, and it's, uh -- -
B: Uh-huh.
A: -- uh, how can you do anything about a problem besides if you don't know about it?
B: Right.
A: You know, and I just, um, I, # I think # --
B: # Right . #

A: Well, I'm trying to get back in shape for softball this spring.
B: Oh, yeah.
A: But I, -
B: Do you go through this, is this something that you go through every year [laughter].
A: Yeah,
A: I haven't decided whether, whether I want to play yet or not
A: I just bought myself a solo flex machine,

B: and then, you know, you put all these different meats which take different times.
A: Do you buy them, um, separately at, you know, an American grocery store now,
A: or do you have to, -
A: you don't, you don't go buy it from a wholesaler.
B: No,
B: but what happens is in Argentina they have like all these little places --
A: Little butcher shops, yeah. *two utts

B: Yeah.
A: -- you know, it won't it's little job [laughter] outside #
A: and it comes inside. #
B: # Have you praised # it and given it a treat maybe when it does something outside?
A: Uh, yeah,
A: we've tried that,
A: and, uh, you know, there's certain spots in the house where he likes to --

A: it's kind of, uh, kind of a poor man's PRETTY WOMAN in reverse.
B: Oh [laughter].
A: But it was kind of cute.
A: Actually did you see DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS?
B: Yes,
B: yes.
A: I though that was a really cute movie,

A: Just bought one.
B: Just, just within the last three weeks.
A: S-, -
A: what did you get?
B: I got a Lexus L S four hundred.
A: Lexus.
A: Uh, -

A: An a lot of it, a lot of the parents now are so young.
B: True.
A: You know, that they're, they still, they still don't know what's going on
A: and how are they supposed to, you know, teach their kids that are coming up, you know, what's going on.
A: I mean it's just, it's a vicious cycle,
B: Yeah.
A: that we're, you know, dead, smack dead in the center of

B: is there many other, -
B: are you in the defense?
A: Oh, yes, .
B: Is it, uh, many other corporations in the area?
A: Uh, I saw Seven Eleven that was hiring.
B: [Laughter] Well, I'm sure with the new, uh, aw-, contract awarding -
B: I, I think it went to Lockheed, didn't it?

B: So our next, uh, -
B: we're going to try it with a kitten and see if her maternal instincts come out.
A: Ha, ha, lots of luck.
A: Is she spayed.
B: Yeah.
A: Oh, yeah,
A: real maternal [laughter].

A: It, it's, it's all money based.
A: And what you can do unless you just get down to the parent level -
A: and, and then if you're in a bad situation where you have to send your child to a bad school. -
A: Who knows,
A: bu-, -
A0: maybe we do, we need some more Catholic schools,
A1: support the church instead [laughter].

B: You haven't?
A: No.
B: Okay,
B: what would you recommend?
A: Um, as far as dealing with divorce?
B: Oh, I'm kind of getting that one past me, but a good self help book.
A: Good self help.

A: Oh, oh, yes,
A: we start here at, uh, five.
B: Okay,
B: and, and in, in his league do they have like a pitcher,
B: or do they have a standing ball or a machine, or what?
A: Up until, -
A: it's coach pitch, until you get nine --

A: it happened at such and such time [laughter].
A: And that's so, that, that's different for me.
A: So I usually find out exactly when it happens and that # kind of thing. #
B: # Is that # the aspect of the news that you're most interested in is, is the timely yo-, noting of the events as they happen?
B: Is that what you feel good about # in the news coverage? #
A: # Uh, no
A: it # just seems like since I've recently stayed home, that is what's happened, you know.

B: # Well, they get to that stage. #
A: # Uh, but I read, # you know -
A: there's this DOCTOR SEUSS sleep book.
A: Have you ever seen that yet?
B: Sleep book,
B: no.
A: Yeah,

B: Ours is one level only.
A: Uh-huh.
B: Uh, but we, -
A: So it's the rambler style.
B: Yeah,
B: we have two, two living areas and a dining room and a big kitchen
B: and,

A: well, we rehearse once a week.
A: We generally have a concert every other week
A: and, -
B: You have one that often.
A: Yeah [laughter].
B: That's amazing because --
A: That's a lot.

A: no,
B: # No. #
A: # we # went in
A: but what did we do.
A: We lost lives
A: and, and what were we trying to do.
A: Who knows.

B: Uh-huh.
A: -- and keeping your bills down, uh,
A: I guess you have mostly pine trees,
A: but where in Virginia are you all?
B: Um, right now, the District,
B: Washington --
A: Uh-huh.

B: It'll go through the slot.
A: That's right,
A: so. But, you know, it works, I guess.
B: That works all right then.
B: They don't, uh, want the mothers to be with the little fish either.
A: Oh, they'll eat them.
B: They will.

B: well the weather, let's see, well, the snow here is different from Utah's,
B: because I have lived in Utah for like ten years.
A: Oh, really?
A: What part?
B: And, uh, -
B: Provo.
B: I was going to B Y U.

B: but I guess you just have to keep on top of it.
B: What kind of roof do you have?
A: Uh, we're in, uh, campus apartment buildings with flat top, uh.
B: Oh, then you don't have to do too much with it [laughter].
A: Not too much.
A: They're just tar and gravel --
B: Uh-huh.

B: Uh, used oil base paints for trim --
A: Uh-huh.
B: -- you know, like around doors and, and on doors, things like that.
A: Wh-, why do you use that?
A: I'm, I'm kind of learning at this, new at this,
A: but.
B: Uh, primarily because it, it seems to be a little more, uh, well, let's say -- -

B: what kind,
A: excuse me.
B: what kind of onions do you grow?
B: Do you grow those, those ten, fifteen Y?
A: Yes,
A: I've -
A: for the first time we planted them this year.

B: Yeah,
B: and then my sister works at the Air Force Base.
A: Uh-huh.
A: So I imagine they use personal computers.
B: Actually, yes,
B: they both have personal computers.
A: Do they do their correspondence on it?

B: [Laughter].
A: Just don't mind me if I bounce back and forth.
B: That's okay.
A: Um, so you like to listen to, uh, a lot of music,
A: or do, is it talk shows.
B: No,
B: no,

A: I think some people give up that [laughter].
A: I think some of what we consider rights are really more privileges than, than what most people think of them as.
A: I don't know what, um, Texas's criteria for capital murder is, do, capital punishment is,
A: do you know?
A: Are there some set guidelines, like only under these circumstances?
B: I don't know.
B: I believe it's, uh, at the discretion of the judge or jury.

B: Uh, it's a lot different in I-, than, in Iowa than # it is here. #
A: # Well, no.
A: # I think, I think there, as I recall in my son's class, there were, were an awfu-, an awful lot of mi-, minorities.
B: Is that right?
A: And, uh, of all, of all varieties.
A: And [[pause]] with the same, you know, some of the, some of the same problems that you've mentioned.
A: But, uh, I don't know,

A: so --
B: Uh-huh.
A: -- you know, that, -
A: I guess baby-sitters now are up at, what, five dollars an hour?
B: [Laughter] Something like that.
A: Oh my.
B: Well, you know, but you made the comment earlier, why would someone be interested in children.

B: Yeah,
B: it's a lot like, uh, wall paper.
B: That's true.
A: And, uh, did you have any problems with that
A: or, -
B: Well, the particular bathroom that we did is a half bath,
B: so we didn't have a problem with that.

B: Okay,
B: do you ha-, -
A: one thing I, -
B: but you have friends that have children.
A: I have some friends that have children, uh, not that many actually.
B: Uh-huh.
A: Uh.

A: and the other one doesn't.
A: And you're right, they do get bored, uh, really fast, if they already know what you're talking about.
A: What do you propose that they do?
A: What, what is your suggestions?
B: The educators need to be a little bit more open minded as well as innovative in dealing with, uh, the various students to get the maximum potential out of the person.
A: Uh-huh.
A: Out of each child.

A: Uh-huh.
B: amount of cost savings.
B: I mean, why, -
B: [breathing] I can't understand why nobody saw that before.
B: I mean, even, even not --
A: Uh-huh.
B: -- even the aspects of not saving the earth [breathing], -

A: Uh-huh.
B: -- death row.
B: And I'm not saying that, oh, -
B: I guess I am kind of saying, what, what are we doing?
B: I mean I guess that's the same thing you were saying.
B: What, what are we doing with these people?
A: Ha-, -

B: and they don't do anything about it.
A: Right.
B: You know.
A: Where are you at?
A: What state?
B: I'm in Lubbock, Texas.
A: Oh, really.

A: Okay,
A: did they tell you our topic?
B: Uh, no,
B: somebody else answered the phone and put my number in.
A: Okay,

A: I mean here you have the right to vote
A: and they simply define it as a duty there.
A: You know, we have, just as we have a r-, a duty to pay taxes, you know,
A: is that democratic?
A: I mean, we don't have the right to pay taxes in this country,
A: we have the duty to pay taxes.
B: # It's a duty, right. #

A: # It's all metric # all ready.
B: Yeah.
B: And, and so, um, but, but when you go to order a drink, um, you know. say, they, they, I don't know, it's uh ... -
A: And what will a shot be?
A: Will a shot be an ounce?
B: I don't know.
B: And, and, but, you know, when you go to the store and, and you're trying to figure, you know, well this box is, is, uh, is, is twelve ounces -

B: You're in New York?
A: Yes.
B: Oh.
A: Where are you?
B: I'm in Dallas, Texas.
A: You're, uh, -
A: everybody I speak to is in Texas, oh, oh,

B: -- his autobiography --
A: Yeah --
B: -- and, -
A: -- wasn't that something of him.
B: Yeah,
B: that, that was incredible.
A: Yeah,

B: Yeah,
B: I bet.
A: .
B: How long does it take you to make one?
A: Uh, if I would just work all day long, making the clothes and everything, probably about two and a half days.
B: Oh, really?
A: Uh-huh.

A: # So # that, um, -
A: when he saw where I, you know, saw my later teenage years, he was just, I hate to say aghast, because that sounds so trite,
A: but he was.
A: And yet, how did I turn out the way I did turn out.
B: # Yeah,
B: right. # *needs slash unit
A: # And I # said that's really irrelevant.

B: and, it's interesting,
B: and then there's places that will buy metal
B: and they still buy aluminum can and likes that. *can -] cans ? likes -] like?
A: Do you have to buy metal,
A: like copper is a very good one to collect.
A: Even aluminum,
A: yeah,

A: and, um, most of my family's in Indiana.
B: Oh, uh-huh.
A: So, I've only been in Texas three years.
B: Do you like it?
A: Yeah,
A: I do.
A: I love the weather down here.

A: Oh yeah.
B: -- where we've got a secretary that sits over here that's keeping metrics right now, and keeping up, you know, of all the letters I type, how many cha-, how many of them do I make changes on. And on each letter, what types of changes.
B: Are they typos?
B: Are they because I couldn't read it
B: or people just change a, like, one word because they think it sounds better, or whatever.
B: And, you know, she's also keeping a percentage, you know, what percentage of letters am I retyping for whatever reason.
A: Uh-huh.

B: [laughter] okay.
B: All right.
B: Well I guess we're supposed to talk,
B: what about
B: credit # card? #
A: # W-, # wait.
A: Wh-, what did, how, how did you get to know about the T I thing?

B: Uh, I, I have a question.
B: Uh, does, does the WALL STREET JOURNAL, uh, -
B: I, I've kind of gathered lately that, uh, maybe their information is not just only related to business.
B: Is that, is that a correct assumption?
A: That, that is certainly true.
B: Uh-huh.
A: Uh, they will, they will have articles, -

B: Oh, the wild flowers are beautiful.
B: I think, um, I was thinking about throwing some for, in the back, just where the kids, um, just way in the back, behind the swing sets
B: or, just have some wild flowers growing back there would be real pretty.
B: Then you don't really have to have much maintenance involved.
A: Yeah.
A: Well, my wife and I really enjoy that sort of thing.
B: Uh-huh.

A: Well [talking] I, I think the, I think that, you know, a person's competence should be more determined by, you know, their actions and their behavior
A: and if they're, you know, if they're on some kind of, you know, contol-, controlled substance then, you know, it kinds of takes away from the job of, you know, the supervisor or manager type person, you know, who is able to evaluate them.
A: I think they should be evaluated that way rather than [sniffing] with a, you know, a chemical, # you know, #
B: # Well, what about # this, uh, AIDS epidemic now?
B: Where you find that, uh, uh, you know, certain people are actually are, are criminal in their disregard for it-, --
A: [Sniffing] These people that are carriers and # don't # --
B: -- # others.

A: Right.
B: So that it doesn't, uh, kill you all in one month.
A: Right.
A: What line of work are you in?

A: [Hum] Okay.
A: What is your, uh, community, uh, currently doing with regard to recycling?
B: Uh, basically, they're just, uh, having various recycling, uh, bins, uh, located for, uh, trash pickup.
A: Uh-huh [swallowing].
A: [static] Well that's more than we have up here in Massachusetts.

A: I don't know what it was.
B: Really.
A: It just seems so sad to have to only rely on, you know, college football.
A: Is that all they're going to have to make money, you know.
B: Yeah.
A: But I didn't think that was the objective, to make money.
A: But it seems like it is.

A: It seems like it's all the [breathing], -
B: [Sniffing].
A: did you ever read the, uh, uh, oh, -
A: it's one of his first books, THE STAND.
B: Yes.
B: That, oh, that long thing.
A: I know it.

B: now it looks just like Houston to me.
A: Yeah,
A: it does.
A: How long have you been in this house?
B: We've been in here ten years.
A: Ten years.
B: Yeah,

A: Yeah,
A: uh-huh.
A: Well, okay,
A: on likewise then, did you see PRETTY WOMAN?
B: Uh, yes.
A: Do you enjoy that one?
B: Uh, it was interesting,

A: back to your movie you saw that ten thousand, -
B: Yeah.
A: -- um, did you all ever think about purchasing that one, when it comes out?
B: You know, I look at those, -
B: like CINDERELLA came out --
A: Uh-huh.

B: Oh.
A: Yeah.
B: Oh, that's nice.
B: Now do your other grandchildren live in Dal-, the Dallas area?
A: Yes,
A: they do,
A: uh-huh.

A: whatever I I think that that's viable. [lipsmack]
A: Um as long as it's your flag and and you've made your your point. I think.
A: Yeah
A: Because, realistically, like for you for you you don't think it's right [breathing]
B: No.
A: And I would never do it.
A: I I love this country too much,

A: no.
B: No,
B: huh-uh.
A: So, or, I guess, do you have things like presentations to do or anything like that?
B: No,
B: huh-uh.
A: So, back in my old job, up until through nineteen eighty --

B: I think we get short changed on that.
A: Right,
A: that's very true.
A: What, what state do you live in?
B: Texas.
A: Okay.
B: That's, -

B: is, uh, gets a little annoying.
A: Yeah.
B: [Laughter].
A: What kind of progressive stuff?
B: Uh, lot of stuff that actually has, uh, ended up becoming popular like, uh, Nirvana and, uh, oh, you know, -
B: I'm thirty,
B: so lot of the stuff I was listening to in my teens like the Clash and, and the Sex Pistols and --

A: I'm an engineer,
A: I'm, I'm with T I.
A: You, -
A: are you with T I up there
A: or, -
B: No,
B: no,

B: Uh-huh.
A: So that will be an interesting turn on vacations for our family.
A: So, I, -
B: Uh, what does, what does that mean, alternate?
A: Well, it's, -
A: what it truly is supposed to mean is nine weeks of school, three weeks of vacation,
B: Oh.

B: # because, # -
A: # You don't use, # you don't use the medical insurance?
B: Not at all.
A: You use your, your company's?
B: My husband's,
B: yes,
B: we use my husband's.

B: Uh-huh.
A: Uh, on my job we had a lot of Workmen's Comp cases
A: and,
B: Where do you work?
A: I work for a tire company --
B: Oh.
A: -- Modern Tire.

A: She rides English, and does jumping, takes lesson and all that kind of stuff.
B: Oh, does she?
B: Oh.
B: She must really like them.
A: Yeah,
A: she is into, uh, -
A: well she plays the flute in the band, and, [inhaling] the piccolo,

A: and they are, they are just really nice, really friendly, uh, kind of like medium intelligence. Uh,
B: Well, how do they become s-, -
B: w-, -
B: how did they get their reputation, then?
A: Well, because some people, uh, want to train them as, -
B: Oh, they train them to be that way, then.
A: Yeah.

B: I think T V is bad. Because they, uh, show all sorts of violence on, -
A: That
A: and I do not think a lot of parents, -
A: I mean, I do not, I do not know how it is in the Air Force base.
A: But, uh, I just do not think a lot of people, because of the economy, both need to work, you know.
A: I just do not think a lot of parents are that involved any more.
B: Yeah.

B: I know that in, in, you know, in Sweden, what they have there, it's really their medical plan, but it also deals with this subject, because if a woman, uh, is working --
A: Uh-huh
B: -- and I think even if she's not, and has a child, the government subsidizes her to stay home and raise the child.
A: But for how many years?
B: I don't, I don't know.
A: Uh-huh.
B: Until it, um, -

A: Bye now.
B: [Buzzer] Maybe we'll talk again [buzzer] sometimes [buzzer].
A: Okay.
A: What is that sound?
B: That's my buzzer at the door [laughter].
A: Oh, okay.
A: I'll let you go.

A: I'm considering maybe even buying one of those too.
A: But I'm not sure if I'll get benefit out of both of them.
A: I mean, I don't know if it would really do any good having both of them.
A: Which one do you feel is better, since you use them both?
B: [Lipsmack] [[Pause]] Um, I get bored very easily.
B: Uh, the one nice thing about the bicycle is you just sit.
B: Like you said, you can sit and do it, and watch the T V and not even really be conscious of what you are doing.

A: and,
B: Yeah.
A: his crop gets killed.
B: You're right across the, uh, lake from, what, Plattsburgh?
A: Yeah,
A: from Plattsburgh Air Force Base.
B: Yeah,

A: and they're, you know, already out with number six by now,
A: but. So I haven't seen any of the movies, yet,
A: but I. -
B: Oh, you haven't seen any of them.
A: [Laughter] No.
B: Oh, well, they're good,
B: they're real good.

A: We're on our third one I think.
A: # Somehow, # -
B: # Yeah.
B: How # do you blow yours up?
A: We've got an electric pump that hooks into the cigarette lighter.
B: Oh.
B: W-, we were looking at those in a magazine.

A: Uh-huh.
B: now,
B: so, -
A: Do you eat any of them?
B: No,
B: I never have.
B: I don't know how to prepare them.

A: I guess I enjoy sports a lot
A: so that's why I've kept active in that way.
B: Yeah.
B: But you don't play any other sports but basketball?
A: Uh, basketball,
A: volleyball, uh,
A: too bad it's not [noise] really heavy as far as recreation or hobby,

A: Right.
B: -- and, and chopped olives,
A: Right.
A: Do you like to make your own guacamole?
B: Uh, yeah.
A: Yeah,
A: we, we don't make it very often, I guess,

B: Uh-huh.
A: That's, that's my ideal way [laughter].
B: Uh-huh.
B: How, how do you use it? [Laughter].
A: Emergencies come along,
A: and I --
B: Yeah --

B: and we hire lots of instrumentalists off and on for, uh, different things.
B: So, I am always making music [dishes] of one kind or another.
A: Uh-huh.
A: Which Church is it?
B: The Christ United Methodist Church in Plano [noise].
A: It seems like a lot of Churches are hiring more musicians now than they use to.
B: Yeah.

B: This, -
B: how was, -
B: I'm wondering, I'm really not that not familiar.
B: I know there are some good places to go camping along the, uh, the lakes.
A: Or is there?
A: Okay,
A: well, we didn't go camping,

B: A-cha! .
A: That's great.
A: Uh, uh, on foreign films did, uh, did you, did you watch, -
A: are you, uh, fluent in another language
A: or, -
B: I s-, -
B: yeah,

A: Okay,
A: so you said that you live in Coppell.
B: Uh-huh.
A: So what is your house like?
B: It's a two bedroom, two baths duplex.
A: Oh, well that's neat,
B: Brick --

B: so I, I'm all in favor of it.
A: Uh-huh.
A: Well, uh, [throat_clearing] do you, uh, -
A: are there cases where you think that, that, uh, the capital, the capital punishment shouldn't be, uh, uh, sentenced?
B: Well, I, I really don't know on that question.
B: It just seems like, -
B: for instance, the Jeffrey Dahlmer case. I mean, I don't really think that this person is going to ever be a worthwhile part of society.

A: But the leaves, I do not like them.
A: You know, once, -
B: All right,
B: now are you sure they are hyacinths?
B: Because that is a bulb.
A: Yeah.
A: It is a bulb.

B: Oh, my goodness [laughter].
A: Yeah [laughter].
A: Yeah,
A: uh, do you work?
B: Yeah,
B: I do.
A: # Okay. #

A: but, you know, it sure beats driving a thousand miles, to [laughter], to find a mountain, I guess.
B: Yeah,
B: that's right.
B: I, I take it you haven't done a whole lot of camping in this area.
A: No,
A: we just moved down in, in June.
B: Oh, I see.

B: we can't, we can't put in anything too big, um, as far as, uh, shrubs and things like that because they've got to get a chance to find the, find the cracks in the rock.
A: Golly.
B: But, uh, -
A: Is it, is it limestone under, underneath?
B: Yeah,
B: it is.
B: It's, it's solid limestone.

B: and we've got a calico now.
A: Yeah,
A: we've got a calico cat too.
B: Do you?
A: Yeah,
A: yeah,
A: she's the, she's the nice one.

A: It was, -
A: ugh, I didn't like that either.
B: Yeah,
B: but you know, whatever became of Peter Frampton.
B: I mean, there was nothing, -
B: he was a phenomenon,
B: I me-, there was no reason for him to really come into, you know, great stardom or anything.

B: Because I feel there'd be more trust in the employee.
A: Right.
B: But I can understand why they need it with all the, you know, train accidents and everything else.
A: So do you think they'll kind of push into the teaching field eventually?
A: I kind of think they will.
B: I think they will too because, uh, you know, it's just going to follow.
A: Yeah.

A: so, that was quite specialized,
A: although I was living in the slums, I was really working with the middle class.
B: Uh-huh [[very faint]].
B: What, uh, what area did you live in?
A: I was up in Arequipa .
B: Oh, okay
B: yeah.

A: it just kind of --
B: -- country's war.
A: -- dragged on.
A: Uh, I do not know how you were historically.
A: But I was a little bit older before I realized just how long it had been going on since --
B: Right.
A: -- L B J and -- -

A: you do.
A: Um, now do you have a lot mountains,
A: well, you don't have mountains in Texas, do you.
A: Where do you find places to camp?
B: Well, uh, we, we do a lot of canoeing when we go camping --
A: Oh.
B: -- and we, uh, we also, uh, carry all our equipment with us --

A: Uh-huh.
B: -- it just gets pretty expensive.
A: [Laughter] Right.
A: You don't work?
B: No,
B: I stay at home.
A: Okay.

B: [Breathing] I watched a lot of T V when the war was on.
A: Yeah,
A: who didn't?
A: Isn't that sad?
B: And then, uh, I like watching a lot of like college basketball and,
A: # Uh-huh. #
B: # and # pro football,

B: But we figure we'll get the kids and then the, the dog [laughter].
A: That's probably a good idea.
A: They're good though.
A: Uh, have you ever had a Retriever before?
B: No,
B: but my husband had one when he was growing up.
A: Because I, I find that they're good around other animals like cats and other dogs.

B: and then it, and then it doesn't veer off to the east until you get down to Houston, or, or, uh, maybe mid, mid-Texas --
A: Uh-huh.
B: -- depends on how strong the cold fronts are.
A: How f-, how far are you from Houston?
B: Um, well, uh, Richardson's a suburb of Dallas.
A: Oh, I see,
A: so you, so you don't hav-, you don't get anything off the Gulf, uh, immediately from, from the ocean.

A: Uh-huh,
A: yeah.
B: -- all those kinds of problems that they have
B: and then you see them magnified in the children.
A: Yeah.
A: Plus, you teach middle school,
A: so I'm sure that, -

B: You're pretty Texan.
A: # [Laughter]. #
B: # Yes.
B: # But you know, you know what's really funny?
B: Um, I've had people tell me that I have a Texas accent,
B: and, and I mean, there is just no way I've not picked one up.
A: No,

B: # Sure. # That's what they buy insurance for.
A: Who, who -
A: do they get, they get insured, they get insured from other insurance companies
A: or how does that work?
B: Well, I was just talking about any company.
B: Uh,
A: # Oh, okay,

A: I do miss that.
B: That's true,
B: yeah.
B: But, what is big today.
A: Well, you're right.
B: You know. Lincoln is still as big as it always has been
B: but, -

B: Supposedly, you know, leak and, and contaminate --
A: Right.
B: -- the landfills
B: and, yet, what am I going to do when I have a couple double A batteries to toss out.
A: [Laughter] Yeah,
A: right.
B: And they don't take, -

A: Well, we do.
A: We have lots and lots of, uh, layoffs here. Lot of companies folding, lot of layoffs
A: and it's pretty scary.
B: Do, do you, do you blame the, the government in Washington for this?
A: Well, I don't understand economics that well.
A: I don't know,
A: I, I know that we have a terrible situation with foreign trade and that other countries put a lot of restrictions that we don't --

A: and, and times that we do have baby-sitters we, we try and catch, um, some things that we normally wouldn't do, you know.
B: Where, where do you like to go when you got a baby-sitter?
A: Oh, um, let me see, uh, for New Year's we went to eat at Uncle Julio's.
B: Where's that?
B: Never heard of that place.
A: It's, um, on, on Walnut and Greenville.
B: What's the name of that again?

A: I mean if I get to the library.
A: I've got two babies, so, I don't,
A: yeah,
B: Oh do you?
B: Yeah,
B: that will tie you down a little bit.
A: But I, # I don't know. #

A: They could probably come in and say, gee, this is not straight
A: and this is under something
A: but, -
B: But I mean it doesn't give you trouble?
A: No.
B: Uh-huh.
A: No,

A: [Cough].
B: if Dr. Howe or whatever his name is is on duty, I go to him.
A: Well, you know, it, uh, -
A: how do you think we're going to pay for it?
A: More and more taxes? [Barking].
B: Well, no,
B: we need to cut some of our spendings, cut some of the fat off the top and whittle it down to the rest of us.

A: and we're going to reexamine this thing.
A: Hey, the b-, the average person is going to take a look at that and say, suspicions confirmed.
A: They're a bunch of animals, you know.
A: How can you really deal with an environment where you're going to lose everything.
A: Forty deaths.
A: I mean there are # forty people # --
B: # I know. #

A: Uh-huh.
B: -- or something, then we usually sit out there.
A: Well how much are the box seats there?
A: Do you know # offhand? #
B: # Box seats # run from, oh, like eight dollars to twelve dollars.
A: Yeah.
A: That's, um, that's a little steeper.

B: Right.
A: And, uh, and so as, as a result, uh, you know, it's, it's a trade-off, you know, for the common good, you know. For, for the benefit of others, you know.
A: How much of your resource should you dedicate to, uh, making things work for others?
A: Have you, uh, you know, ever thought, you know, just how much of that money should, should go to other people that really don't deserve it?
B: [Hum] [noise] Uh, well yeah [laughter].
B: I know it's, it's a lot, you know [clicking], that, uh, that I feel like, you know, just like you said, that, there's just so much that you can do yourself. That you take care of your own self that you don't need the money for -
B: but they're giving it to other people that don't really need it ei-, either,

A: That's right,
A: I really do.
A: But, you know. -
B: Do you have all kinds of different fish
B: or, -
A: Yeah,
A: I just have, you know, what they call community fish --

A: Yeah.
B: Uh-huh.
A: .
B: Now are you married, that you both, you and your wife use a credit card,
B: or? -
A: Yeah,
A: yeah.

B: so you can [laughter] talk to them when they're out running around with friends [noise].
A: [Laughter] Yeah.
B: Yeah.
B: What do you read?
A: Oh, uh, well, I read for a living.
A: Uh,
B: # You do?

A: Wow.
B: -- and Phoenix never gets that kind of weather [throat_clearing]
B: so, -
A: [Laughter] And so are you an airline pilot?
B: Yes,
B: I am --
A: Oh, great.

B: that's scary.
A: It is, um,
A: at Purdue -
A: I'm trying to think, I went to high school in Chicago, I'm trying to think what Purdue kids watch.
B: We watch, uh, M T V twenty four hours a day
B: and then every now and then they'd DAYS, they taped DAYS, you know,
A: # Uh-huh. #

A: we're rolling.
A: I, uh, -
A: what, what would you, what would, has your experience lead you to advise, uh, if my child were thinking of going to the Air Force Academy,
A: what would you say?
B: Well, I'd encourage it.
A: Uh-huh.
B: It's a good general e-, ed-, education for a, a bachelor's degree.

A: I don't buy the newspaper,
A: but I do have a lot of, uh, -
A: my trash has a lot of tin cans and a lot of cart-, a lot of different papers and cardboards.
B: Well, do you drink soda and such in aluminum cans?
A: Yes,
A: but we have a bottle return.
A: A lot of the northern states and a lot of the Eastern states have bottles.

B: I listen to the radio but not, um, not like I did when I was working.
B: I am recently retired [noise]
B: to that means I have a lot of time to watch the news on T V.
B: How do you gain your news?
A: I guess the, I get the WASHINGTON POST --
B: [[Very faint]] Okay.
A: -- and that is a pretty big newspaper

B: Right,
B: Paris.
A: Yeah.
B: And, uh, um, how long do you plan to be going for?
A: Uh, two weeks.
A: Last time she stayed two months,
A: but we're only going to stay two weeks.

B: and too many people are just dying.
A: Right.
B: Particularly in our area.
B: I don't know what the crime is like where you are,
B: but the crime rate here is just astronomical.
A: Ours is changing.
A: Yeah,

B: # Yeah. #
A: # from, # from the spread pattern of hepatitis, they could work backwards to the transmission by, uh, blood and semen.
A: And then I, -
B: I'm curious what was your, uh, graduate study in?
A: Well, I, I was in English as a matter of fact, and --
B: Oh, wow.
A: -- medieval studies,

B: and I'll start with a plumb line.
A: And start right there. -
B: And start in the middle of the wall, and, and go from there, and go all the way around the room.
A: Do you seem to get it straighter,
A: is that the advantage,
A: or what's the, -
B: Well, you, you, -

B: [Laughter].
A: oh, gee, they're reselling a MacIntosh under a different name.
B: Really,
B: why don't they just say, almost a Mac for half the price.
A: Yeah, you know.
B: They'd sell more if they were honest.
A: Exactly,

B: and then, um, downstairs in the apartment, I just us-, we just used a latex base,
B: and so you can drip it on, you know
B: if you dripped it on something, as long as you wiped it up, it was real easy to clean.
A: Oh, is, is that what you usually use in the house, is latex?
B: Yeah,
B: and, and --
A: Um.

B: and he does a good job
B: and he, s-, he, he, uh, guarantees everything he sells.
A: Uh, there is a lot,
A: you ever go by Lucky Computer there?
B: Uh-huh,
B: yeah.
A: I used to,

B: We have, um, you know -
B: we're at Aetna with an, uh, ex-, -
B: we have like the medi-, the dental insurance is separate.
B: Is that what you mean?
A: Right.
B: I don't think it's the basic,
B: I think it's the other one.

A: Uh-huh.
B: But I think, let's see,
B: the teams that were there last year were, [[pause]] see, somebody from California,
B: I don't even know who won the pennant last year.
A: Beats me.
A: I mean, I know Yankees have won a lot games [laughter].
B: Yeah [laughter].

A: Um, mostly, um, word processing applications and, uh, just as a dumb terminal.
B: Uh-huh.
A: Um, but I, um, I think eventually I'll start using it for spreadsheets and things like that.
A: Um, what do you find that you use yours mostly for?
B: Well, I do a lot of word processing and spreadsheets and data base,
B: and, uh, about the only thing -
B: I am, uh, I'm just starting to get into, uh, a little bit more communications now.

B: It's real hard to rate something like that.
A: Uh-huh.
B: It's like get a painter, you know, or something, a artist.
B: It's like well you, how do you really rate, you know, Michelangelo, you know [clicking].
B: How would you tell if he was, you know, really good or so-so or whatever [static].
A: Yeah.
A: And that does make a wan-, a person want to stay [children_yelling] [hum],

A: she, she, she's perfectly healthy.
B: Uh-huh.
A: Uh,
B: What made you all decide to put her, or what made her decide to go?
A: Well, her husband died.
A: They were in the military together,
A: and she just did not want to take care of the house --

A: And ready to storm into Saudi.
A: Shouldn't we try and help our friends?
B: Certainly,
B: but what at, at what cost, you know,
B: that's the, uh, the thing, it came out, it came out wonderfully supposedly
B: I mean everything is -- -
A: What did we lose,

A: because you'll get better grades.
A: I, I think most employers would probably rather hire, you know, a, a three six in, um, [lipsmack] in history, uh, to be a salesman than someone with a two oh in business administration.
B: Oh, yeah.
A: Does that make sense?
B: Yeah.
B: Well, yeah,
B: I see what you're saying.

B: # Oh. #
A: -- stand up there.
B: Oh, you st-, [laughter] -
B: did you use to live around here?
A: Uh, Redwood City.
A: # I use to work at Anteks. #
B: # Oh, okay. #

A: We went, uh, early on Sunday.
A: We got out there about, uh, ten, ten thirty,
A: # and the, # -
B: # Now do # you have to have tickets ahead?
B: # Excuse me. #
A: # No,
A: we # bought tickets there,

B: And we, we talk a bit about it,
B: but we try and keep it out of the home life.
A: Do you, uh, -
A: does she ever want to go back to Syria?
B: [Noise] [[water sound]]. No,
B: she was, she is actually, um, -
B: I think it's, um, for her not really relevant, because she is second generation American, actually.

A: Okay.
B: Well, it's not often you get, uh, many women interested in football [laughter].
A: Oh well [laughter]. -
B: Do you follow football very much?
A: I'm sorry, what?
B: Do you follow football very much?
A: I don't,

A: Okay.
B: Okay,
B: I guess we're ready to start.
B: Well, I guess, what part of t-, what part of the country do you live in?
A: I'm in Dallas, Texas.
B: Oh, okay.
A: What about yourself?

A: It seems only fair.
B: Right,
B: it does seem only fair,
B: I mean, why not.
A: And I think really if we got all those that are able-bodied into the work force [[pause]] [breathing] reduced [[pause]] the amount going out for those purposes, created new jobs for that work force, there would be plenty of money.
B: I think so.
A: And then at that point,

B: as a, as a pistol.
A: Well, I have a bicycle [laughter]
A: and that scares me too to tell you the truth [laughter] because I've been run off the road and all sorts of things.
A: Well, I'm still, I'm still puzzled though, what is the argument,
A: how does the argument work if, uh, if the bad guys are going to have guns anyway.
A: What's the point of putting a restrictio-,
A: basically, the restrictions are just to penalize the good guys because the bad guys are going to get the guns anyway