Another obvious source was firms that had become wealthy through the hire of radio and TV sets -- chief among them Rediffusion ( Associated -Rediffusion ).

Raynal limped among his men, calm and kindly, organizing a fighting defence.

This is bound to create suspicions among the majority Sinhalese community that the Tigers still harbour ambitions of their own Tamil state.

The Mason waded up and down among the crowds allowing the womenfolk to feel his arm and kiss his dirty hand as though it were a holy relic.

She hurried to the pond and peered among the reeds to see if her friend was visible.

He thrust the coin among his clothes and started to run away but turned back to say, "You a Yankee, Mister?"

The street light threw strange shadows among the hoardings.

The reports of the fratricidal strife among the security forces indicated a threatening polarisation in the country as the regime dug in, while a burgeoning opposition gained in confidence.

Most prowl among the rocks and reefs -- crabs, shrimps, prawns and lobsters.

An unexpected gap in the mountains beckoned us to a silent lake fed by waterfalls and surrounded by woods with banks of moss, lichens and fungi alive with lemmings scurrying among holes and tree roots.

It was a shirt exactly like the one her singer had been wearing that night, as he swaggered among the women, and whispered "Me quieres?" to them all.

The scenery is breathtaking, the rugged coast path meanders among tall cliffs, high above the fine beaches and pale turquoise sea.

It also aims to fund research into the geographical characteristics of ski areas, study all aspects of safety in such areas and encourage proficiency in skiing among the Armed Forces.

With experienced guides, you can stroll among the seals and even feed some of the babies while their mothers go for a swim under the ice.

Observing a heated argument among the players over a game of cards, Chapman thought that if they put as much consideration and earnestness into their football, their game could only improve. among.p.fn.1109444,3(3),
There were rumours of anger among the grain farmers, who were being given IOUs instead of cash for their crops.

She had lived among Genoese merchants in Bruges: Anselm Adorne had her respect and affection.

They gather near her and squabble among themselves with much caterwauling.

A rustic bench surrounding it gave me the foothold I needed to get up into its branches and I sat there hidden among the blossoms while the baulked beast quested in the flower beds.

The experts are even-handed in apportioning blame among EC governments.

She tried to see if he were concealed among the group hanging around near the circolo, but without lifting her eyes to scan them like a strumpet.

The many functions that have been proposed for it range from sound transmission to drilling holes in ice; but it is really used in aggressive fighting among males.

This is a style of abuse that has excited some natural envy among professional satirists.

Mademoiselle rummaged violently among the books in the desk.

Items in the tests are not selected on the basis of how well they discriminate among students, i.e. they are not norm-referenced.

Among the general body of workers the urge for unity was wide and deep.

A close relationship developed among the visitors.

Foremost among those wanting legalisation, are medical people.

Officials in charge of competition policy said they were satisfied with findings by the Office of Fair Trading in Britain that there was no evidence of collusion among record companies and shops.

If you summon up the courage to investigate, you might find not alien creatures but a friendly hedgehog or two, emerging from hibernation and foraging for food among the shrubs in your borders. among.p.fn.1006044,3(3),
There seemed to be the fairly uncomplicated desire among the community to see all the children attend the same school, as an expression of relationships existing within the community.

One type of authoritarian rule had been followed by another, not allowing for that kind of unsettling liberalization which is so conducive to uprisings among minorities.

At this point an Englishman, Henry Bradbury ( 1831-60 ) put a cat among the pigeons.

The band's weakest ever single reached number 46 in the Gallup charts, an achievement supported by their first proper video in which they frolicked among hundreds of balloons.

Outside the building there were skirmishes among several thousand protesters when a minority attempted to protect the East German flag, which was hauled down by other demonstrators and replaced with the hammer and compass emblem cut out.

He dances about among the crowd, greeting people here and there by stamping yellow rice marks on their foreheads with the thumb of his other hand.

New Zealand's previous Labour government found itself unable to complete the job of economic liberalisation, and its members bickered among themselves.

The others also draped their underclothes among the branches.

If the Duke looks out from his eastern windows, he will see crowds of flames dancing among the tree trunks, a hundred fires and a dozen folk round every fire."

Dandelion overtook him and the two disappeared among the ilex trees.

Despite an admiration among certain circles for National Socialism, for example, many aspects of Western culture met with disfavour, though Western economic, industrial and military practices were widely followed.

What I should have said was that there was no serious dispute among professionals of quality who had any discernment in such matters.

Big or small, firms will now need management skills -- a novel, often distasteful notion among lawyers -- no less than legal ones.

Contrary to popular belief among political parties that the environment is a middle-class issue, the poll found equal support -- 77 per cent -- across the classes for tunnels and re-routing.

Clearly, however, gender differences do not explain differences in susceptibility to the hepatic effects of alcohol among members of the same sex. among.p.fn.737681,1(1),
Francis forced himself to look at the screens again, and he could see that there were less of the winged creatures flitting among the struts and cables.

Melissa took a step forward and saw that she was clinging to the cast-iron pillar with both hands, her face half hidden among the foliage, her shoulders heaving.

After a while, a stream develops on the right which you have to cross by the plank bridge hidden among the trees -- watch out because it's easily missed.

No luck this time, only a couple of redshanks take fright and fly off yelping in alarm, and a female merganser swims among the thongweed, head poking under the water to look for small fish.

Now 32 carriers are flying into Tegel Airport, foremost among them Lufthansa, which was founded in Berlin in 1926.

He guides us among its "toy-like villas, each different in design and each set against a background of trees A curling road winds through, but not everything is revealed at once: a chimney for but a moment here, a turret window through a gap between two acacia trees, a gable partly concealed by the fretted roof of a conservatory, an almond tree in blossom branching over the pavement, a spot of scarlet colour made by a distant pillar box."

Rare blue lizards scurry among the rocks of Petra; clumps of black lilies grow beside the King's Highway; the few oases teem with birds.

So there has been a scramble among unqualified teachers to obtain upgrading.

For just $14,000 couples could count themselves among Sinatra's guests.

Their scent came up to him as he made for the stage door, thrusting his note carefully among the rain-wet blooms.

Much is explained by the growth of purchasing power and consuming propensities among the middle ranks of society.

Apathy or passive withdrawal among neighbours.

A pipeline meanders among the springs, collecting steam for distribution to rows of neat houses.

Another thought the women looked "tired and sad dressed in gowns that must have been old on their grandmothers", while the children were dressed in "garments of nondescript purpose and size, but were generally chubby, and gay, as they frolicked in and out among the baskets, bundles, bedding, babies" chairs etc, piled waist-high on various parts of the platform'.

The stalemate among the 39 participating countries was gradually broken in the late 1980s as relations between the superpowers improved [ for the most recent developments on the negotiations, see pp. 38217; R153; 38986 ]. among.p.fn.366521,2(2),
Almost a century has passed since the VIIth Congress of Hygiene and Demography discussed, among other things, a study that dealt specifically with the influence of the age of parents on the vitality of their children.

In the egalitarian, brothers have equal inheritance rights, do not live with their parents after marriage, and allow no marriage among their children.

Their one-time beliefs skulk among the wreckage of their political failures.

With a not overlong flying display that runs from 2pm in the afternoon until 6pm in the evening, plenty of time is available to roam among the aircraft parks and view whatever is the viewer's fancy.

Foremost among these economic constraints is the markedly low level of complementarity in the structure of production of the two regions.

He found it and clung there for a while, then pushed clear and knelt among the waves, head lowered.

Secondly, the new states, like their predecessors, were the product of struggles among diverse social groups and classes, and the different forms which their political regimes assumed depended upon the outcome of such struggles.

Men have different physiological problems, chief among them weight gain caused by lack of exercise.

This is largely because of its habit of skulking among long vegetation like common snipe.

I have received no representations on that matter and I am not aware of any disquiet among the groups that the hon. Gentleman described.

"They always talk and joke among themselves.

He can spot any interlopers among the stars immediately.

A computer presentation which provides a realistic management situation designed to stimulate discussion among business English students.

THE Princess of Wales has once more caused disquiet among fashion commentators by sticking to her own rules.

He could live happily among poor working people on his holidays, but found immense pleasure in staying in a French house so grand that a servant squeezed the tubes of toothpaste between applications. among.p.fn.800484,2(2),
" Nettlerash," I replied, fumbling among my bottles for the adrenalin.

Swimming among the flooded trees are great rafts of cormorants, often 5,000 strong.

Three years after redundancy the picture had changed, with the level of employment rising among those still under pension age and the level of unemployment falling.

She struggled from Sophia's embrace and jumped down among the windfall apples, rolled one over with her paw, then turned and stalked indifferently away among the Michaelmas daisies.

An important factor in the crisis is the awakening realisation among West Germans that they have been tricked into pretending this peculiar arrangement of subsidising their compatriots' oppressors was normal.

Some of his actions, in particular the unexpected introduction of a constitutional amendment allowing for an elected Vice-President and the subsequent appointment of Moudud Ahmed to that post, caused some disquiet among party members.

Quarrels among the older children lasted longer than those among the younger.

She prowled among the desks and glowered at the action boards as if they were a bunch of football hooligans.

The rise of public concern about the environment has done most to hasten a realisation among Conservatives that Thatcherism has its limitations.

Turning from the altar, Cameron could not see Mr Whistle among the congregation, but did think he glimpsed Judi, loitering embarrassed near the back.

If you look more carefully among the dislodged weed, you may discover the cleverly-disguised spider crabs.

She could even hear the little lizards darting on scratchy little claws among the bougainvillaea on the low ornamental wall.

There were faces among them that I recognised from England, and from the training centre at Achnacarry.

The writers ate a late dinner at three separate, long tables in the hotel dining room; the Russians and I conversed among ourselves, feeling vaguely ostracised.

Often the oval shaped body with its waving flagella can be seen quite clearly darting around among the intestinal debris obtained from your fish. among.p.fn.1006688,3(3),
Far more than incipient political change, it is the random violence that makes for the sense of dread among whites.

Television's treatment of the subject of mental handicap remains a major barrier to real understanding among the British public, compounding the fear and ignorance which many possess.

And Howard strolls benignly among the guests, squeezing an elbow here, kissing a cheek there, making sure that everyone's got everything he wants.

Crustaceans are able to amble freely among the anemone's tentacles because their hard exoskeletons protect them from stings from the nematocysts.

"They may be large -- around 40 feet long -- but like icebergs 90 per cent is under the water and that is making them incredibly difficult to see among the waves."

This, his last concerto, was the first great concerto for the clarinet, and nothing has come near to matching it among all of the wind concertos written since.

In any case, it's not a cantering or galloping exercise, it's simply a walk among the ewes to make sure there are no lambing troubles or cast sheep."

This suggests a high propensity to join such schemes among women where their incomes and access to occupational pensions are on a par with men's.

The problem list facilitates communication among staff members and helps clearly identify exactly who has agreed to do what and when.

Their swollen feet had bled profusely and they had hobbled painfully among the rubber trees for more than a month before they recovered.

Wags commented on a search for "closet Christians" among the bishops.

The hon. Gentleman says that because there is a lingering interest among Labour Members in people who have avoided the community charge.

The Duke turned abruptly back, intending to inform his lordship that he did not permit duelling among his officers, but Rossendale and Jane had been swallowed up in the crowd.

Goat bells, the smell of thyme, a path winding among olive trees, and the hot sun on your back: this is the Greece that endures.

Police were hunting 47-year-old Clive Wells who disappeared among crowds of City workers on their way home. among.p.fn.395917,2(2),
Walter sees a friend among them and asks if this is a private wedding party.

Gascoigne is the first Englishman to fill the role since Bobby Charlton, a man whose absence from a team sheet spread dismay among team-mates and supporters alike.

They were, indeed, a sorry and sadly bedraggled lot, so covered in diesel and smoke that it was quite impossible to discriminate among them on the basis of age, sex or nationality.

They saw Miss Lavant in a suit with buttercups on it, strolling about among the stalls, her downcast eyes occasionally glancing up.

He is from Madrid, and although he has lived among us for many years now, he still thinks like a madrilennio sometimes."

The boy laughed again, a laugh that was like the growl of a wild animal, then disappeared among the bushes.

The incidence of anal cancer remained fairly constant in the period 1943-57 and was similar for men and women, but it increased 1.5-fold among men and nearly tripled among women thereafter.

True enough, and, despite the dissimilarities among families, the impressions taken from each matrix are likely to be of similar depth and importance.

Anxiously she peered in among the trees.

Paul pulled several cubes of sugar from his pocket and tossed them among the children, and they squealed and fought among themselves, passing the prizes eventually from hand to hand.

No coherent majority emerged, and alarmed by insurrection among the lower classes and trouble on the eastern borders the Assembly eventually turned to the King of Prussia for help.

When they'd finished washing Mina and K draped their clean wet clothes among the hundreds of others stretched between the scraggy thorn trees.

Film is, thus, a potent medium for fostering cultural awareness among the Namibian people, and this becomes particularly important when we recognise the fact that every society expresses its soul through its culture.

Convictions for drink/ driving offences among women are three times the 1974 level.

Association with expenditure cuts, particularly at the DOE, aroused criticism among lower-level staff and public sector unions. among.p.fn.1112967,3(3),
The Department of Health is aware of the disquiet among dentists.

Have events been organised to raise awareness among all staff of the recruitment problem ahead?

But Blanche noticed Mrs Jones's tiny eyes, almost concealed among the wrinkles of powdered skin, shone with intelligence: she was nobody's fool.

Share ownership among young people, women, manual workers, people in the North, Wales and Scotland, and non-homeowners remains relatively low.

He also recorded the belief among women of the Po Valley that amber necklaces were good for curing goitre.

In addition, chewing tobacco is a common habit among coal miners.

Chief among the reforms was a provision for the direct election of Assembly delegates.

He strode among the bundled fibres of colour.

Foremost among the fun activities which raised the cash were sponsored stay-awakes and lock-ins by the Year 11 and Year 7 youngsters.

No one doubts the seriousness of the problems Mr Major must address, the recession foremost among them.

Today, there is a growing realisation among senior business executives that much of their competitive advantage is lost if they fail to deliver their superior goods to buyers on time and ahead of their rivals.

THE lovely spring crocuses are almost as pretty as sisters Sarah and Samantha Barker, who were clearly enjoying a stroll among the early flowers making a colourful backdrop in Southend Avenue, Darlington yesterday.

There was some disappointment among the parishioners that the dedication was Our Lady of Pity, and not St Theresa, as originally planned.

Tansy and Jules made an odd pair as they stepped carefully among the graves, he tall and well-tailored, she clinging to his arm in her thick black coat, looking smaller than ever.

But there is no doubt that some of these ideas are causing great disquiet among Branch Management and Staff. among.p.fn.326020,3(3),
There was a firm belief among old-time ferreters that the ferrets needed to be vicious and half-starved to do their work well.

It occurred to him as he was crashing about in the cupboard among his own old mackintoshes, tennis racquets, gum boots, and broken picture frames that he might be doing the wrong thing.

Chief among the recent causes of the rapid decline is thought to be the operations of a nearby mine, which pumps salt-laden ground water to produce potash for fertilizer.

It can do this because during the recent election campaign, there was no great disagreement about economic policy among the parties.

Others fled among the riverside willows, and then circled around the soldiers' rear.

It's just as hectic in the 400-square mile colony outside, with six million people scurrying among glass and concrete skyscrapers that stand like giant guards above the bay.

Tal hopped around on the floor among the cigarette stubs and krillstick wrappers.

The path and the valley are actually a trap created by a flock of Harpies who nest in a small cave hidden among the rocks.

Vines, as a non-member, was directed to retire from the meeting, but he was apparently responsible for some insurrection among the student members.

The principal aim is to raise awareness among workers and employers of hazards in the workplace.

The period from October to December saw a rash of localized mutinies among soldiers and sailors from the naval base of Kronstadt near St Petersburg to the Far Eastern Army.

Until about three weeks ago there had been a belief among Digital employees in Galway and the Industrial Development Authority in Ireland that Digital's plant in Ayr would lose out.

Such questions will often generate discussion among the students generally and thus provide a useful means of stimulating their interest.

We have some splendid examples of dedicated voluntary service among our awardees this afternoon.

Cannabis was widely used in the Middle East during this period, and it seems unlikely that the practice in itself would seem remarkable enough to cause any comment among Arabs.