The Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium

December 18---21, 1995

The Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium is held from Monday 18 until Thursday 21, December 1995, at the University of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Colloquia aim at bringing together logicians, philosophers, linguists and computer scientists who share an interest in semantics. The spectrum of topics covered ranges from descriptive (semantic analyses of all kinds of expressions), to theoretical (logical and computational properties of semantic theories, philosophical foundations).

To give this tenth installment a special touch, an evening session will be devoted to the past and the future of the field of semantics.


The Program of the Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium is now available.


Paul Dekker and Martin Stokhof (eds.), 1996, Proceedings of the Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, ISBN: 90-74795-52-8.


Registration fee (including proceedings, lunches, coffee and tea, etc.) is Dfl 225,00 or Dfl 190,00 (for speakers and students). The fee has to be remitted to stating and specifying personal details.

Important Dates

18--21 December 1995 Amsterdam Colloquium


The organizing committee of the Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium consists of Paul Dekker, Jeroen Groenendijk, Erik-Jan van der Linden, Marjorie Pigge, Martin Stokhof and Marco de Vries. Financial support is provided by the ILLC, the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Dutch Graduate School in Logic (OzsL), and the Foundation for Language Speech and Logic (TSL) of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.


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