The Sixth Amsterdam Colloquium

April 13---16, 1987

In the series 0f bi-annual Amsterdam colloquia, the SIXTH AMSTERDAM COLLOQUIUM will be held in Amsterdam from April 13--16, 1987.


The colloquium is organized by the Institute for Language, Logic and Information (ITLI), founded by the Departments of Philosophy and Mathematics of the University of Amsterdam. Financial support was received from the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and from BSO, a leading software house in the Netherlands, with a major research project on machine translation. The organizing committee consists of


Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof and Frank Veltman (eds.), 1988, Proceedings of the Sixth Amsterdam Colloquium on Formal Methods in the Study of Language, ITLI, Universiteit van Amsterdam.

A selection of the papers appeared in: Renate bartsch, Johan van Benthem and Peter van Emde Boas (eds.), 1987, Semantics and Contextual Expression, Foris, Dordrecht, GRASS series Vol. 11.

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