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A Day of Indian Logic

November 2, 2009

Where and when?

Location: ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Science Park 904, Amsterdam the Netherlands.

Room: A1.10.

Time: 12:00-15:45.


Provisional programme

12.00-12.30 Nicolas Clerbout (Lille) & Marie-Hélène Gorisse (Lille)
Formalization of the Jain Syā-vāda
12.30-13.00 Marie-Hélène Gorisse (Lille) & Peter van Ormondt (Amsterdam)
Epistemic contextualism and Jain theory of knowledge assertions (Naya-vāda)
14.00-14.30 Laurent Keiff (Lille)
Nāgārjunian negations
14.30-15.00 Peter van Ormondt (Amsterdam)
A presentation of Jonardon Ganeri's formalisation of the Navya-nyāya technical language
15.15-15.45 Sara L. Uckelman (Amsterdam)
Indian logic and medieval Western logic: some comparative remarks

For more information, email Peter van Ormondt.

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